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    I had a registered on this site - oh I dunno a while ago - but never made a post so here it is

    I don't know if i'm an AB as much as a DL but I've loved diapers since - well forever. i'd say that the majority of my dreams, even as a youth have involved diapers in some way. weather that meant being treated like a baby or just simply wearing them.

    I've always had a fancy for the idea of being forced into diapers via machinery - probably from seeing baby bottleneck when I was a child and often had dreams relating to it. I know a few stories exist featuring such scenarios but even still it remains quite rare.

    i'm a big fan of forced diaper stories such as those written by long rifle - even though they can be a bit dark some times.

    as far as wearing diapers goes - I've tried it a few times, buying diapers when I knew I would be home alone for a few days but honestly while there was a thrill in doing so it always frustrated me that they don't seem to make plastic backed diapers anymore that I remember from my childhood. so suffice to say much of my fantasies are just that - fantasies. good stories make for good dreams.

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    Hello pandalumber and welcome to the group.

    Very interesting introduction, but could you please tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.

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