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    Default Just bought a pack

    Just got back from the store with a new pack of diapers, has anyone ever heard of a brand called Sure Comfort, its one of those generic brands from Farmers country market like Sure fine or Western Family. But anyway these are what I like about them.

    Plastic backed
    Soft elastic leg gatherings
    4 refastenable tapes
    Somewhat cheap
    Snug fit
    somewhat thick padding

    I havent tryed them yet but I plan to tonight.

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    Congratulations on your new acquisition. I have heard of them before, I think I've seen them as a generic brand before though I've never tried them.

    Keep us posted as to how they are.

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    I have one on now, so far so good for comfort and fit but only one drawback, they are noiser than Depends fitted maximum protection even underneath clothing but still I rate this diaper a 6/10. I havent used it though so Im not sure about absorbancy but I will let you guys know.

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    Never heard of them, sorry, though I just got a pack of 22 Abena Extras myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    I just got a pack of 22 Abena Extras myself.
    Congratulations on your new aquisition

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    Well even though they are not real thickly padded they seem to withstand 2 or 3 full wettings, but I dont want to flood them because I dont want to take a chance leaks or bursts. But apart from that they are a decent diaper and have become one of my favorite brands.
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