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Thread: Sesame Street quiz

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    Default Sesame Street quiz - Which Sesame Street Character Are You? just a cute little quiz i found on google. I uh........ scored elmo o/////////o

    Take it and post your results. It's kinda interesting.

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    Uh apparently I am part Elmo and part the Count. I don't know what that means, its a very odd pairing. Oh as I read it says I am a down to earth, lovable person with the two mixed in.

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    I got Elmo too, although a couple questions didn't really apply to me

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    I'm big bird, and the grouch?

    What's that look like...

    Just call me dirty bird!


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    Hey there Dirty Bird, do you want to know why men call me big bird....

    because I have a big
    brain and heart - Which Sesame Street Character Are You?

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    I am an Elmo.

    That surprises me because I like Oscar the most, with Gonzo in a close second.

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    for some reason i got oscar the grouch, but im really not grouchy at all so i dont get ho i got that ? strange

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    It's a tie! Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster.

    Make of it what you will but be warned, take care with your observations, I don’t take kindly to distracters.

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    OK so apparently I'm Big Bird. So didn't see that coming. Hmmm actually the description was kinda right. I'm not really a fan of yellow lol. I secretly wish I was Elmo

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