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Thread: Free AB items

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    Default Free AB items

    I put this on diaperspace too. I'm putting this in this forum because I figure that it will mostly be adults interested and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable with a minor giving me their address (no offense). So I'm leaving this one for the adults unless I know you

    I'm moving to Hawaii in early February to be with somebody who doesn't know about my ABDL side (yet). I have a couple AB items, that I think I would like to give the community a chance to grab before I trash. I'm not about to leave a box of AB stuff in my parents house, and I'm definitely not taking any of this to Hawaii, so I figured why not pay it forward?

    Because most of my stuff came to me as presents, or was just given to me, I'm not going to charge for anything. All I want is for the potential new owner to pay for shipping cause I'm way too poor for that, haha or if you're in the area, you can just pick it up from me. I'll have you do that by donating to my paypal account.

    I'll come up with a better list, with pictures, when I'm a little more organized but for right now some of the items I know I have are:

    a blue onesie, 2 pink sleepers (one XL girls Target, 1 from JC penny with penguins size Juniors M or L, forgot, but it's huge on me and I'm 5'7"), a pair of overalls with tweety bird on the front, a couple different t-shirts, printed diaper cover/plastic pants (seen in one of my pics), about 10-15 pacifiers (if you like to dismantle and try to customise paci's, this may be a good deal lol), 2-3 bottles and sippy cups. I also have a random collection of toys and various books, if anybody is interested. Like I said, pics later.

    When it gets closer to February, I'm also going to be giving away the rest of my diaper collection. I have roughly 50-75 diapers right now that I really don't anticipate going through by then (maybe 1-2 lol). Mostly it's Attends, Tena Classic (the briefs), Goodnites, a couple Abena Xplus, and baby diapers. However, that could change by the time the time comes when I get rid of those, so don't be too quick to ask for those.

    If you're interested (pretty please), please leave a comment here as well as sending me a message. That way other people can see what other people are interested in.

    Just doing what I can for the community,

    puff puff pass, right?

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    i would be interested in the covers and the paci's if they're the bigger ones.

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    I'm interested in the onesie/pink sleepers. Any pics? It's perfect 'cuz i'm 5'6


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    maybe the diaper covers....

    would u ship discreat? just a box and name??

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapernew2 View Post
    maybe the diaper covers....

    would u ship discreat? just a box and name??
    Yeah. I would just ship in a box from like a FedEx store... it'd just have your name & address on it, and my name with no return address.

    JonB, I am working on getting some pics

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    cool cool - i will defintly think about the diaper covers..
    do you have any medium Bambino diapers... i saw u wear them in one of your pictures?

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    You are such a great person! :O. If you *ever* have any computer issues, I'm your guy for life.

    ... Those girls sleepers.. If there's any left... I'm super-interested!

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    Im up for the boys sleepers...

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    What size are the T-Shirts? What's the designs on them? I've wanted a cute t-shirt for AGES. o.o!

    This was such a surprise to see. I was expecting a link to a website. ^_^

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