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Thread: Blood pressure meds, sleep and diapers

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    Default Blood pressure meds, sleep and diapers

    Just curious if anybody else here is on blood pressure reducing medication that contains a diuretic having a similar experience. I recently got put on them by my doc and decided to take them before bed so that I wouldn't be peeing every 45 minutes at work in the morning. End result is that the diaper has gone from being something fun to being somewhat necessary to getting a good night sleep and waking up dry, which doesn't seem like such a bad thing...
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    I've been taking my Ramipril now for four years for my BP. According to the data sheet it has ACE inhibitors. I take them one 5 mg capsule twice a day. The one I take in the evening I take around 5:00 pm.
    In the morning I take it around 7:00 am. Overnight I average three wettings. In the morning through early afternoon I'll average 5 to 6 wettings plus pulling my diaper down twice to go poop in the potty.
    In the afternoon through the evening hours I average three to four wettings plus one poop. That drug does work on your kidneys and I know my cardiologist does due blood tests to keep track of my kidneys.
    He has never asked me how many times a day I pee and I won't volunteer it to him.

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    I had posted about the idea of taking a diuretic (as prescribed for blood pressure reduction) about a year ago and the positive effects I got by taking it at night while nicely padded. I can't recommend this to the average person as it is a medical prescription, but if you are into diapers, its a great release and comfort. I guarantee you will need to wet multiple times during the night. I had started this regime several years ago since I am in a sales job and don't wear at work. It became difficult to work, having to "go" every hour over about a four hour period. So night was the best time for me. I did need to stop more recently as I developed high susceptibility to Kidney stones, so those days are gone now taking that prescription. For anyone having to manage their high pressure, it is a DL's dream come true in my opinion. Every once in awhile when the mood strikes, I will take just half a pill and enjoy a really wet night.

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    I propranolol and I don't think it has much if any diuretic at all...

    I take as needed...

    If I don't walk, or use my foot much, my bp is fine...

    If like days I need to go to the dr...if its first in the day...I'm ok...later not so much...

    Last time I wasn't the dr my bp was seriously high...

    As I sat in his office going through a bunch of paperwork and actually came down 20 point...

    Then in the evening, if I take too much earlier...then I'll get too low as I slow down on my foot...

    I've gotten low enough to pass out...not good...and I've hit 250 on the upper, and 165 on the bottom...

    Just depends on how much I've tried to do...


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    Man that sucks you all have to take meds. I sure hope in 15 years I will still have my health.

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    I just started a medication to lower my BP. It has a diuretic in it and I am disappointed that it hasn't increased my need for urination. I wear diapers and plastic pants at night to get a good nights sleep and have had no accidents yet.

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    I'm on 10 mgs of Ramipril twice daily and have not noticed any increased urine output.

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    Ramipril is not a diuretic.
    Some doctors prescribe a diuretic in addition to Ramipril or whatever else you're taking.
    So did mine.
    But it doesn't make me run to the bathroom every hour.
    With me it lead to urine production being more evenly spread out over the day, which I think is great because now I have to get up less often during the night than before.

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    I take Losartan. No noticeable diuretic effect, but then again, I have had urgency problems long before the BP meds, mostly since I had a bladder infection in high school. Peeing your pants and running to the bathroom the first week of 9th grade - what a way to start hs! lol

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