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    6 months ago today I graduated high school. It was very anti climatic as my little 5 seconds of the only fame I got never happened. The moment was built up for months and then, as I walked none of my senses worked. It was almost like a tunnel. But I did find out through a video that my family did not expect my name early and forgot to clap. But no one else did. It was literally crickets. Anyways, that's not the point as it was all a blur to me. I was never really known throughout the school so not many people knew me. But since then, almost every single night these past 6 months, I have recurring dreams of that night. Some are fairly regular of me just walking across the stage, some involve my superhero universe imagination. lol.

    I know it was a big day in my life but shouldn't it be in the past? Why is it still haunting me almost 6 months later? And why is it every time I do dream of it it is different each time? I'm asking this because I just woke up from said dream and can't get back to sleep and I feel like something about graduation is bothering me that I still dream about it.

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    To me it sounds like 6 months ago for at least a few minutes you felt rejected, unloved (in a shocking/surprising way) and humiliated (since this happened in front of many people.) That would be a big hit to the emotional center of the brain, right? That's probably why it gets you, even though you learned later that your family does love you and it was a complete accident. Just that one shocking rejection and deep pain imprinted itself on you. So this is actually termed a trauma. I know it seems silly, right? But honestly, when something causes that emotional response, it doesn't matter that you weren't held up at gunpoint or something worse; all that matters with a trauma is the sort of electric bang that went off in your head at the moment (due to your emotional response and not due to the situation or the reality of the situation at all.)

    There's a few techniques people use for haunting memories that don't seem to leave them alone. This page lists them really well. A lot of these visualization techniques really do work; I've had a therapist use it on me for a bad phobia I used to have and no longer have! I also have tried various ones on myself for other haunting, lingering memories. 25 techniques for treating emotional trauma and PTSD Living Well NLP

    Oh, PS: The memory stays, (this isn't Eternal Sunshine stuff) but it's no longer so powerful and so controlling of your emotions.

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