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Thread: Brony of Eternal Youth

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    Cool Brony of Eternal Youth

    All right, so a few months ago (before I had the babyish diapers I love so much), I found this image on tumblr
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    When I saw it, I commented to my girlfriend about how nice that diaper looked. Now flash forward a couple months, and I order a few different diapers from bambino and abu in order to decide which ones I like the most. ABU super dry kids ended up being my favorite.
    Then, I see this image again. Yup, me and super dry kids were meant to be.

    Now that I've gotten to share that story with someone (I certainly couldn't do so on my tumblr!), I have to ask how everyone feels about this sort of thing. Our penchant for diapers, regression, etc. is always mocked. It is consistently made into a joke (which is why I'm so secretive about it, even though I wish I could open up). How do you deal with it? I tend to laugh a little when it's on the more harmless side, but when it's calling us pedophiles or something, I become fairly sad for a while. Where's the line between laughing at yourself and being cruel to yourself?

    edit: I forgot to mention what i'm wearing under my pajamas

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    This really doesn't come up for me with anyone who isn't already into it. Obviously, we're prone to seeing news stories that relate to us but I don't generally give them much credence as they pertain to us as they're typically very extreme examples of ABDL behavior. I think we're just people with a strange urge, and while I understand that it can be hard to swallow for those who don't get it, I don't have much patience for anyone just trying to make me feel bad for it.

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    I can definitely agree with that. Anyone who tries to make someone feel bad for a harmless kink/quirk really needs to get themselves together.

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