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  • Pampers

    48 55.81%
  • Huggies

    35 40.70%
  • Luvs

    13 15.12%
  • Libero(overseas)

    4 4.65%
  • Peaudouce(overseas)

    1 1.16%
  • Cloth

    31 36.05%
  • Other

    4 4.65%
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Thread: Diapers you wore as a baby....

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    Default Diapers you wore as a baby....

    ok... here we go....

    extra points if you post a pic of the type you wore....

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    I can only guess.

    Pampers is my guess.

    (But I also think they had a diaper service, which would mean cloth.)

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    Definitely cloth when I was very young. I also picked Pampers and Huggies just as a guess, it would have been one or the other or both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h200420012 View Post
    ok... here we go....

    extra points if you post a pic of the type you wore....
    i don't need to post a picture since you have one in your avatar. if i'm not mistaken, those are the exact diapers i wore as a baby: plain white huggies. i also occasionally wore cloth diapers.

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    Cloth when I was very very little - and then pampers. I don't remember wearing but I remember seeing the boxes of pampers around. Can't remember wearing in the slightest - except for the boxes themselves. Odd really!

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    We were so poor when I was a baby that my mother says the next door neighbor was buying her cases of pampers to use on me, I was the only one of 4 children to use disposables.

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    For the life of me I haven't a clue what I wore. I never saw any lying around when I was older and I never asked as I just think it would have been awkward to ask my parents what kind of diapers I wore when I was a kid, so I never asked.

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    I am a Baby Boomer so I wore cloth diapers and plastic pants. By the time I had stopped wetting my bed at age 9 Pampers were just coming out.

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    There's pictures of me in all 3 of the North American-brand diapers (Luvs, Huggies, Pampers -- in that order in age!) And as well as cloth diapers (coincidently, all were of me at night and getting ready for bed in my pajamas!).

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