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Thread: Guys guys!! Pacifiers R Us has a sale on!

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    Default Guys guys!! Pacifiers R Us has a sale on!

    Only 3 styles of shield, but ALL types of teats included! And at 25% off?! The shields aren't even hideous or anything.

    The sale goes through the 25th "or while supplies last." Thought you guys might want to know~~ (and I hope this is ok to post!)

    My silicone 7 will only cost $50 including shipping, instead of $70 or $80 ...if I can poooossibly get my s/o to spring for it. Ever since I developed an allergy to latex, my Nuk 5 has been stashed away... but lately I just can't relax enough to sleep, and I'm missing it so bad. So tonight I decided to do some window-shopping, and what do you know, the new one's within my budget!

    If only we didn't pay All The Bills tonight, I'd do it now, but I need to wait and check with the finance guru who is contentedly asleep

    Have fun!

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    Thank you for posting! I might have to grab one or two, since I'm still experimenting with teat sizes.

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