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Thread: Anyone else a pet?

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    Default Anyone else a pet?

    Okay, so recently a close friend asked me to be her pet kitten. She knows I have extremely submissive tendencies, to the point of slavery, and I'm a furry. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.

    We both have normal, separate, adult(ish) lives. I just belong to her. We're not dating but we are extremely close. I think she's making me dog tags (not sure why as I'm her cat).

    Anyway, I was just wondering weather anyone is a pet or has a pet.

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    im more of a pet type (very submissive) not that it always plays out. collars and tags are alot of fun and adds to the relationship of any type

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    I'd like to engage in a bit of pet play but lack a real life partner.

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    Pet play sounds fun to me, I think the whole ABDL thing is fairly submissive in nature anyways, unless your a caretaker

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    I'm in the same boat as kimba. I'd love to be a pet, but lack a partner.
    I do have a collar and a tag though.....

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    *points at signature* :3

    Too bad they all live very very far away...

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    No i ish not a pet but you can pat me :3

    I used to be a pet before but they kinda stopped coming on line

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    i want to be but i do not have a partner

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    I would love to be a pet. Especially for an older well off lady.

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