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    Hi everybody,
    I am brand new here and so cannot behave by the "right way". I am an older married man, hetero sexual orientation, and I tend to fetishism and I love lingerie. But mostly I am a long-time diaper lover and I love wearing thick disposable diapers [removed]. I really like watching movies on diapers and read stories with this theme. [removed] I am enthusiastic about I found community of like-minded people and would like to contribute some texts to discuss my favourite fetish. Thanks, mirekkkk
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    hello mirekkkk it is good to see you! i was wondering what other hobbies or interests do you have? i myself like to play video games and dungeons and dragons as well as shoot darts at a dart board at bars or even just have a few drinks once in a great while. also i am into to movies and music as well as some sports like other guys. do you happen to have some of these interests as well? oh and welcome to ADISC glad yo have you here with us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirekkkk View Post
    Hi everybody,
    I am brand new here and so cannot behave by the "right way".
    Actually, just being polite and interested in others is most of what it takes. Now I have frequent padded fun of the sort you described, but it would be as well to understand that we all know what goes on in a person's diaper, and generally speaking are not so concerned with matters to do with a person's bodily fluids (or bodily solids and semi-solids) We are more concerned with the person IN the diaper, than whatever else it holds.

    Now I am not trying to give you a hard time, and do want to welcome you with open arms. Now diapers - whether for fun or need - necessarily involve bodily functions. Diaper changes for messy babies by their caretakers can be a very meaningful emotional experience. So it can be a bit hard to give any exact definition of our community standards. But a good rough guide is that while we discuss topics concerning sexuality, usually in the "Mature Topics" forum, we tend to not get very graphic about the manner in which we enjoy our diddees. We are a support site, not so much a site for turning each other on, or describing the results of being turned on by our diapers.

    I am an older married man, hetero sexual orientation, and I tend to fetishism
    Me too, on all counts, except am single (officially)

    and I love lingerie.
    On yourself? Or in general? Either way, you may find our sissy/lg forum interesting, and you may want to reply there too.

    Tena , you say. Which ones? I have owned Suprima too, but my collection is mostly Gary.

    Anyway, be you straight, gay, bi, asexual or anything else, there isn't really call to describe your sex-life, including your solo sex-life, unless you have some sort of difficulty there, in which case we are here to help. We are a support site first and foremost. Yes, we host stories which may be fap (masturbation ) material to some, so we can't be too hard on anyone who sees us as a fetish site, devoted to gelling people "off." Not at first blush, anyhow.

    Let me put it this way. I used to be an English major at uni. There was this saying quoted a lot there "show, don't tell." Wiki explains what that means here. On Adisc we tend to the reverse: tell, don't show. So yeah we may talk about things sexual as a topic, but steer away from the actual erotic material.

    Another point is that Adisc, especially given its subject matter, likes things to be in "good taste." Just as you may not want to have blow by blow descriptions of men having gay sex, they may not want the details of a person's hetero or solo fun.

    Tell you what though. Why not pop over to the rest of the forums, I am sure you have plenty of good stuff to contribute, especially in Diaper Talk or Adult Baby, or Mature Topics.

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