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Thread: Diaper help, please?

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    Default Diaper help, please?

    Hello all.

    Say, I just received my brand-new all-in-one all cotton AB diaper from Babykins. It is incredible. The first cloth diaper that I have worn and used since being diapered as a baby/toddler. It is a medium and I am crazy in love with how wonderful it feels on me.

    When I wet it, however, I had the worst leak in modern history. I got out of it and the bed was wetter than my diaper.

    Any tips? Is it too small, maybe?

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    You need a pair of plastic pants with cloth diapers. Also a new cloth diaper needs around six washings to make them fully absorbent. Also depending on thick it is you might need a booster pad for overnight

    I myself haven't worn Babykins but I use Dependeco AIO's for overnight with no problems.
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    Hi bashfuldlguy non of this type of diaper have ever worked for me. I use an Abena M4 with a stuffer between the padding and the plastic usually a baby diaper that I pick up at the second hand store at a low price. Than on goes a cloth and last plastic pants. This combo works 99.9999% of the time. Hope this helps.


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    The diaper is an all-in-one, with a waterproof outer......

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    Quote Originally Posted by bashfuldlguy View Post
    The diaper is an all-in-one, with a waterproof outer......
    That's sort of a misnomer in terms of functionality. The outer layer may be waterproof but in terms of reliability, nothing is going to beat wearing plastic pants over them.

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    Thanks, all. I think I'll try the plastic pants over it. It may help to channel the pee back into the dry portion of the diaper.

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    Update: I just peed in my new all-in-one cloth diaper and, sure enough, it leaked from the top. Darn it!

    I guess that I'll just have to accept that I need a large one of the same brand (it feels soooo good!) diaper.

    Oh, well, back to the diaper site.....-bashful

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