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Thread: It was irritating but funny

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    Default It was irritating but funny

    I just got off the phone with the Ebay customer support. She was like hard of hearing for some odd reason. I was asking her how to remove something from my Ebay feed. The feed is like the page that has a list of adds that are given by your list of what you searched.

    One of them had to be condoms and I was trying to explain to her my question on how to remove it from my list. I then started to mess around after almost telling her and the world that I searched condoms on ebay because I was board.

    I scrolled over it and found out how to work the thing. I clicked on it and clicked remove. If I just tried a little harder I could have avoided this. Now I feel really dumb.

    I will be laughing about this a year from now but I really feel stupid at the moment.

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    Still, it's good to know that the history can be removed.

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