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    When I first bought my medium onesie from baby-pants I noticed that the snap crotch area was way to low and really didn't hold up my diaper all that match. It felt more like a large. I tried the washing machine and that made it shrink a little. I remember I read in a thread somewhere (maybe here) that you should boil water and place the onesie in the boiling water and let it boil for a bit.

    I did this twice this week and my onesie has shrank significantly to the point where it is a little tight without wearing diapers. So if your onesie is a little to big on you, you should try this technique.
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    I did the same with my baby-pants onesie, it was massive, after 3 or 4 wash/drys, it fits perfectly

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    I did not know this, thanks for the info!! I will try this on my next onesie.

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    super tip i have the same issue now. cant wait to try. thanks!!

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    Thank you very much for this tip! I've been trying to shrink my gigantic onesie for awhile now to no avail. I'll give this a try as soon as I get an afternoon to do it!

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