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Thread: Only the positive aspects of wearing diapers!

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    Default Only the positive aspects of wearing diapers!

    This thread is designed for both ABs and DLs to express the positive aspects of wearing diapers. It can be physical, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual but the rule is that it has to be positive. It can range from the smallest little aspect of wearing diapers to much larger ideas. Hopefully people who may be suffering from any form of confusion about diapers can also see this thread as a way to express something positive about their relationship with diapers. And naturally I will start this positive train rolling.

    I am a diaper lover so the physical aspects are how they feel against my body. It is like a soft hand that is touching you everywhere it matters all at the same time. I really like the way a diaper feels between my legs when I walk around. It seems like no matter which direction I move that soft hand is constantly there in another pleasurable way. I also wear them to bed every night so I really like that I can pee without getting up. The feeling of wetting a diaper is also awesome. There is something about the release that borders orgasmic for me. I also like the crinkle of diapers as it serves as a constant reminder, but one of my favorite things is when I am wearing one and it seems to become one with me and I "forgot" I was wearing it. That's always a fun moment.

    The emotional, or perhaps better stated as the mental aspects of wearing diapers, makes me feel right. Simplistic yes, but when I am wearing a diaper I feel good about everything that is happening. Because I am a DL diapers have strong sexual overtones so for me I like the fact that I can still function as a person either going to the grocery, or with diaper sex. Naturally diaper sex ranks very high on my positive meter.

    One thing I really like is wearing them out in public. I feel I am getting away with something by breaking social norms, even though nobody knows but me and my gf, I feel like I am pulling a fast one on you. For example, standing in line at the bank and having a conversation with someone while I am wetting my diaper. That is so much fun for me and so positive. It makes me smile and laugh a little bit inside.

    Overall, I feel diapers are a positive addition to my life. I would feel lost without them, as if I lost a close friend, a friend who understand me and gets me, one who doesn't judge me, and one who is always ready to take what I can give it.

    I hope others decide to share the positive aspects of diapers in their lives. We need more of this because we are not alone, and we are not wrong for what we love. So lets express the positive aspects for all those who may need an extra helping hand in the matter.

    Hope to hear from all of you,

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    I personally never had an opportunity to indulge in the physical aspect, so I can't give anything there.

    Psychologically and emotionally, however. I have had thoughts about the absolute bliss of regression; about how much more enjoyable life would be if I were young, innocent, and without responsibility again. Diapers serve as strong symbolism for such. It marks you as new and inexperienced to the world and its many mysteries, and you have to wear it because you're not potty-trained yet. Innocence is also covered by your inexperience; you haven't seen how dark the world can be yet, everything you do is okay because life is just fantastic, and again, your need to wear diapers. The lack of responsibility; well, you have someone willing to be your caregiver and willing to change you when you need it: You don't get any less responsible than that. The bliss from regression comes from being almost completely helpless, yet completely secure at the same time.

    I cannot indulge in such regression due to my lifestyle, and personally don't want to: Stubbornly, I feel that embracing life's darkness, instead of regressing into the light, makes me a stronger person. But I will admit that people who feel the need to regress are pretty lucky, and I do not lift myself above them by being the "stronger person" I pretentiously aforementioned.

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    I like your post! I agree with everything you said. I would be lost without them! I just can't go without them,period! Diapers are better then friends and family at times.......they take a lot of crap and still support and protect you!

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    I like all of your posts because they have a magical way of saying what I can't put into words. I can't put a lot of diaper stuff into writing because of the highly emotionally-charged feelings that I get when I wear, and especially use them.

    I like to wear when I go camping because I remember, as a young kid, watching the very young campers all around me with fat diapers and plastic pants wrapped around their innocent, free-of-responsibility little bodies. What delight!

    Now, when I see them when I'm out camping, I can confidently say to myself, "Ah, yeah. I'm diapered too, I just can't show them." I am as lucky as they are.....-bashful

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    I sleep in diapers every night because they make my life better! There might be a whole lot of techno-psycho babble as to why and how but the bottom line is they work for me!
    Happy in a Dry-24/7 tonight...

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    For me, it is almost impossible to describe. I love the look of them, with the cute designs always bringing a smile to my face. The crinkle. The softness. I think the thing i love more than anything is just the bliss of putting on a diaper. Hearing the sound as it is unfolded. The wonderful feeling of bringing it between my legs, the wonderful feeling as it is taped down snugly. The fit and softness making me feel like I am wrapped in a little piece of heaven. The crinkling sound as well as the thickness that is making me waddle, reminding me of its presence. It is also a wonderful feeling when I have worn for a while, having almost forgotten that it is there, and then wetting, it is a nice feeling of warmth that is just comletely hypnotizing. Its like when I put it on, my mind completely melts, i forget all of my troubles, worries, and stress. Whether I regress or not, just, the feeling, it is almost undescribable

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    From my website:

    Perks of Wearing Diapers:

    I always like to end on a positive note, so here are some nice things I have noticed about being diapered:

    1. I never am uncomfortable on long car rides or when sitting in traffic.
    2. I never have to get up and leave the theater.
    3. I no longer have to hand in exams early to avoid peeing myself.
    4. I am much less stressed about finding a bathroom in time.
    5. I hardly ever wash my pants anymore because my diapers absorb the sweat and other smells that make most people's clothes dirty.
    6. I don't have to go into yucky public bathrooms very often.
    7. My diapers make a nice cushion for my butt, so any seat is now soft.
    8. I don't freeze in cold weather.
    9. Clean Diapers and powder smell amazing
    10. I don't pee all over the toilet seat any more... (I couldn't help it before because my medical condition made me spray like crazy some days)
    11. I don't have to clean my toilet as often.
    12. Diapers are kinda cute.... especially when they have little dinosaurs on them
    13. Don't have to get of bed when I'm tired.
    14. No more waiting in line for the bathroom.
    15. No more waking people up by flushing the toilet at night like 20 times!
    16. I don't have to wash my hand when I am done peeing.

    Hopefully this list makes anyone else who wears diapers for a medical reason feel a little bit better. Diapers aren't that bad.

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    i like diapers for a list of reasons some are physical and some are emotional. the physical reason is i feel like i am "cuddling" with a gorgeous lady and enjoying myself just by wearing them. also i can sleep easier at night because i do NOT have to get up to pee. plus i like the sound of plastic crinkling between my legs so much. the emotional reasons are for therapeutic reasons and regressing could do that easily for me(I have never regressed before but i know i would absolutely love it when i finally do so). I see diapers as a useful tool for me to role play a baby and get back in touch with a more innocent side of myself. the only thing that would make me happier would be to have a mommy who would indulge herself from time to time so we could take turns with being a baby or a caretaker at times just to let go of ourselves and have fun. i actually would like to go out in public sometime and just get the thrill ride of just being in line somewhere and just wetting myself while ordering a hamburger or something like that without anyone knowing.( i am going to buy a long overcoat or something so i can better conceal the fact that i am wearing a diaper in public soon)
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    Another positive aspect I forgot to touch on was changing. When I was about five years old, I was given the responsibility of looking after my younger brother, which included having to change his diapers. At first, I thought it was going to be nothing more than a chore; instead I was struck with an overwhelming amount of love and care. It felt great taking care of his needs, and I felt closer to him every time I fitted him into a fresh diaper and got that "Thanks, Bro" from him. And I imagine that being on the receiving end of all that care must be absolutely magical.

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    I definitely love the feeling and security of wearing a fresh diaper. But the real magic is that first wetting, especially if I've held it awhile and just feeling the warmth all over that area. Sure as a DL, there are the sexual good feelings as well and the excitement of being well padded and so wet, that at any moment, you may leak. It's exciting for me, feels great and I know at that point, its just a matter of time before I can enjoy the end result that I get when the leak is eminent. A major high for me and its what keeps me coming back for more.

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