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Thread: i want a mommy and a daddy!!!

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    Default i want a mommy and a daddy!!!

    im not sure if others feel the same way but i want both a mommy and a daddy to regress me into a baby. the idea seems fun to me because it would be like a abdl family. and maybe in a way like growing up again but stuck as a baby. now at the same time without it being full time, still need big girl time too. does anyone feel the same way?

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    while that sounds endearing, you could say its like hunting for unicorns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    while that sounds endearing, you could say its like hunting for unicorns.
    Well, last unicorn I saw, I killed and barbecued it!

    I'm sure there are lots of people that would love that...but hard to find to say the least!

    But, if you find it...congrats!

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    actually i feel the same way as well ironically. i am looking for both a mommy and a daddy as well. honestly i am going to be shocked if i ever find one out here in Toledo but i know enough that will never happen if i don't try looking. in all honesty i think i may very well never find one but i will always try for no other reason then to give me peace of mind on my death bed(whether the slow decay of time does me in or sudden incident) that i at least looked. to be honest i am 36 and have never regressed before i just noticed some anomalies that clearly indicate that i would in fact like regressing or even just being a caretaker but i would have to say my experience with such things is going to be quite minimal. and keep in mind this is not a good place to try to meet up with people as that would be against ADISC rules but i can say all you can do is try and get the peace of mind that you did try.

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    I have fantasies of having a mommy and a regressed brother. I particularly like to imagine being padded and dressed in pajamas and tucked into bed with him, falling asleep snuggled up together.

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    While I wouldn't say it's official or anything relationship-worthy, I am pretty lucky to say I have two mommies who take care of me.
    Granted it's still an internet relationship, and It's mostly just for fun. It's just my two bestest friends who are kind enough to be willing to help me with my abdl desires. I still love them like a family though, as do they

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    I wished for this at a time or two. Something about having two people care for me like I'm their own makes me feel happy.

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    Being more of a DL than a daddy, I used to fantasize about a similar scenario. Being in a relationship with someone whom is a DL and then having a little one as well. Would be fun. I think it would be possible, though, unlikely.

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    I am not oppossed to having a mommy or a daddy, but having another little would be the ultimate!

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    With a little creativity, two AB partners can have something very much like an AB family. My girlfriend and I take turns between being the caregiver and the little one. But sometimes when she's little, I'll make references to her mommy, which is really her of course! Same the other way - she'll refer to my daddy, which is really me. It can be like being in a family of four, when really there's only two of you. So I dont know if you need to hope lightning strikes twice...find a partner who accepts this part of you, and use your imagination! Good luck!

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