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Thread: Any canadians?

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    Default Any canadians?

    I'm going to Canada for a business trip sometime in late Dec/early Jan.
    Have several questions.

    1. Is b4ns the only site that sells bambinos in Canada? Are they a good company? Any other alternative websites to buy them from?

    2. Which are the better bambinos? Teddy or Bellissimo? Bellissimo mediums are out of stock in b4ns, any idea if they will have them in stock in Dec?

    3. Are the Quadro booster pads worth it?

    4. How large is a bag of 8 bambinos or a bag of boosters? I plan on ordering a case, but will probably have quite a bit left over. Need to plan so that everything will fit in my luggage on the way back.

    5. Is it still winter during that time period? What do ladies usually wear? Don't want to look too out of place

    6. Is the airport security as scary as TSA? I will be wearing diapers for my flights to/fro, and don't want to be embarrassed.

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    If you are searching for Bambinos, try ABUniverse. They pack secretly, and ship to you.
    Yes, it is winter that time of year, but that doesn't happen all over all at the same time. Some lucky areas like Vancouver, or Victoria B.C. never get snow (from what I have seen.) And ladies usually wear nice winter coats.
    And I do not know about the airport. (sorry ) but I suggest don't get fidgety, and don't wear metallics through the detectors (:P), and you should be just fine.

    I hopes Baby Zoey (me) helped.

    P.S. Zoey is Canadian.

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    Awww... :'( they must have taken it down. I am quite positive I saw them there.
    I do not know where to attempt to buy them now. (and I was gonna)

    I am sorry that I put your hopes up.

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    Go to B4NS I deal with them all the time. Any one of the bambino line are good I use all three stills.


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    Just looked at there sit and they have classico and teddy both in medium in stock so it says. I like both of these diapers and you will too.

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    B4NS is great to deal with but he does go through stock pretty fast. Drop him an email and ask about the Bellissimos - it's possible there's more stock coming in and you can preorder.

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    1.Yes. They are the only official supplier of Bambinos in Canada.They're rather pricy, but are a decent enough company. There's a couple other companies, if you wish to look into non-bambino products. (Agecomfort has Abena *4s for $60/case last I saw)

    2.Bellissimos most certainly hold more, if that is what you are looking for. Their plastic shell is also a little sturdier. They may restock by December, but I have seen them completely run out for a month or two. (Hopefully not, as I'm looking to re-order soon)

    3.They are, without a doubt, the best booster I've ever used. That said, if you put on into a belissimo, it's pretty much a waste. It will expand to the point that the standing leak guards are no longer effective, and you'll leak before soaking all of it. Classicos,Teddies and Biancos can all benefit a bit from them, though.

    4. A pack of eight is about the size of two two-liter bottles side by side. (More or less) If you are carrying the largest non-oversize bag for Air Canada, you should be able to fit 4-6 packs in there,depending on how well you pack it in. (I've personally fit a whole case in when travelling back from Texas, as Bambinos are much cheaper in the US)

    5.That's the beginning of what I like to call "Real Winter".You'll see lots of snow (Hopefully, past few years have been...strange). Most women I see just bundle up in any way the see fit.Fluffy wool leggings seem popular around here. Big, puffy jackets are standard for most people.

    6.Airport security in larger cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) is going to be similar, but less invasive. I've flown to/from the US,and I must say. The Canadians are generally much more discreet.(Small airports also don't use those back scatter microwave machines,either.) I'd presume as long as you're discreet about it, they will be too.

    I wish you luck in your travels, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the snow if you're not used to it!

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    B4NS has shipping in his price, where ABU CANADA shipping is extra.

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