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Thread: Diapers or another item?

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    Default Diapers or another item?

    Say you could only have one, diapers or another item of your choice what do you pick?

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    Do they have to be the roughly the same cost?

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    Lets say you only have enough for one. If you buy the diapers, you can't buy the other item, and vice versa.

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    Well then it would be food. because diapers will not feed me :P.

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    Assuming that life necessities are not a worry, I think I would probably choose diapers over most items. Though some incentive would make this question more of a challenge, but since you said "any other item", i can't really think of an item i truly like more than diapers other than clothes, but because clothes are a necessity, that wouldn't count.

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    Yup....I have to agree with CrinklyEmilyLG. I choose diapers! I can't go without them I've tried everything in life in my younger years. I couldn't even give them up if my spouse made me choose.

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    O-B-WAN what should I do? OMG, a decision…. No, no, not today!

    What a great question…. How do I answer correctly?

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