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    Default need some networking help

    ok i am needing to set up a shared foleder to be hosted on my desktop PC that can be accesed by any computer on the network. normally id use a workgroup or homegroup but only 2 out of the 7 computers are windows the host (my Desktop) is a windows 7 and my laptop is windows 7 (dual boots to Ubuntu) but for the most part it is a Linux household with the exception of my GF computer is a mac. but i need to set up a folder on the Windows PC that can be seen by all the Linux and Mac Computers in the house. any one have any ideas? all i could find on google was homegroups and thats not what i need.

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    I think there are two ways to do it. You can either share the files "normally" in Windows (not with HomeGroups) and install Samba (which uses the SMB protocol) on your Linux machines to provide access to the Windows shares... Or you can use NFS, which is supported by Linux, but requires you to install an NFS server on the Windows machine.

    I vaguely remember finding NFS to be faster, more reliable (so less "laggy" for streaming media) and easier to set up. I think (from memory) that this is the NFS server software I used:

    FreeNFS | Free software downloads at

    And some info about Samba and NFS for Arch Linux:

    And about accessing NFS shares on a Mac:
    Mounting NFS volumes in OS X - TechRepublic

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    thanks that is helpful. ima get to work on this.

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    Try samba (Samba - opening windows to a wider world).

    There are NFS implementations for windows, but samba (an smb implementation for linux) works much better.

    Edit: noticed this has already been recommended. Feel free to ignore ;p

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    Thought I'd pile on and say Samba. I work for a large high tech firm and we use it to connect Windows machines to Linux file servers. Seems to be reliable and I have not seen any issues with it.

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    You didn't mention what linux version, but I found it pretty simple to do on Ubuntu 12.04.

    Set up filesharing on your windows machine

    create a new user on your windows machine that has access to the folders shared.

    go to your Ubuntu machine open networks/windows network/workgroup at some point in that process you'll be prompted for username and password. Don't remember exactly where in the process cause I did it a couple weeks ago. It gave me a couple odd error messages on the way, but still worked. In any case, I remember it being pretty intuitive. I probably could have used my regular windows sign in, but it didn't occur to me at the time.

    I did it so I could listen to music and podcasts residing on my windows machine without copying or moving files. The Ubuntu box is physically connected to my basement stereo.

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