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Thread: Disabillitys

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    Default Disabillitys

    im actually semi curious about how common people with disabillitys really are ive never belived "national polls and statistics" but im just curious about who has what and whether they are willing to share.

    me personally, im high function autistic, dyslexic, ADHD, and Bi Polar

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    I have ADHD and violent mood swings. But I think I may be a bit autistic

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    ADD caused by fetal alcohol syndrome. I was born addicted to meth(?), cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and was coined never able to succeed. I proved them wrong. I am extremely high functioning and have high controls of myself and have great ambition. Im just forget full and crap like that. Don't do drugs kids, and drink responsibly. Seriously, it can be passed on. (my older brother wasn't as lucky as me and is permanently damaged)

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    I was always a bit crazy. Been diagnosed and rediagnosed over the years. Everything from them saying its aspergers to bipolar. I just know its somehow hard for me to relate to most people.

    Got run over at 21 by a 91 year old retirement home escapee. She crushed my hip and right leg. So even a decade after, i walk with a limp and fall over randomly a few times a day when my hip spasms out or my knee just doesnt lock.

    Life is good.

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    I just call mine handicaps. Blind in my left eye from old age. A implant in my left forearm to replace part of the bone at the elbow from being hit by a car.

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    Post traumatic stress disorder, depression and job related stress. (I'm responsible for a very many other's safety and income.) I take them as part of my life and other than counseling I pay for I ask for and receive no "special" support from society or the government.

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    I have a hearing loss and cerebral palsy from birth- at least I didn't end up in a wheelchair as a friend of mine did; I was diagnosed with Asperger's in 2004 professionally and I have to say that finding out that I was Asperger's sure helped me make a lot of peace in my life. I also was in LD classes because I couldn't handle certain classes very well and I have always had a problem with numbers. I have learned that having a disability doesn't mean that it should label me but rather makes me a unique person.

    My hearing loss is what caused the most problems as they kept me in the hearing impaired units for a long time because they didn't know what to do with me despite my high intellect. After that I was tossed around various programs such as SBH, LD, et al. I look at it like this; I'm happy with who I am in my life despite having disabilities!


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    Well let's see I have ADHD,Temporal lobe seizures(acquired),dysautonomia,social anxiety,Bi-polar,and IED

    If you wanna know more about any of these just ask ^^

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    two knackered shoulders (luckily, not three). rated as 15-20% disabled by the gestapo DWP on the basis of the injury to just one shoulder.

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