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Thread: Tryin' intro again. Hello!

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    Default Tryin' intro again. Hello!

    Hello, everyone!

    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself to this most-wonderful of websites.

    I have been obsessed with the wearing, and using of diapers my whole life. The earliest recollections in my life are of envying toddlers running around in diapers and plastic pants, oblivious to all things going-on around them. I never knew why I felt this way, but I did realize that I was "different." This feeling has become a very intimate secret in my life, as well as one heck of an adventure!

    I have a neurotic interest in all things scientific. Astronomy, philosophy, Egyptology, communications and the like. The past intrigues me to no end, as does the concept of time in general.

    Retired now, from a life of technical employment, I can, and do, indulge in all of my obsessions and interests. Now I can relax, watch my family grow, and explore.

    I may come-off as both brash and arrogant at times. Please understand that I do not like this side of my psyche and that I work on improving this flaw on a daily basis. My biggest fear is that I will irritate someone with a post. I'm working on it, OK?

    I come seeking understanding and community. Knowing that others can help me , and I them, has made me who I am. I think that this site will help me to achieve a future in that most comfortable of places, that of peace and mutual concern.

    blah blah blah

    C'mon, all!

    Let's go have some fun!

    -bashful (most of the time)

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    Hey bashful! im probably not the right person to welcome you (since i joined like a few hours back) BUT its rude for me to not welcome you! and im not sure what more to say... WELCOME
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    Hi bashfulguy and welcome to the site. I answered Puffs intro, so I thought it only fair to welcome you as well. I enjoy science as well, as I'm always curious. I'm sure you're a lot better at it than I am, as I'm a classically trained musician. Still, the world is a fascinating place, and finding out about it is intriguing.

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    Thanks, Puffs and dogboy. You guys are the first to contact me regarding my over-bearing intro. It's great to feel like part of the group on here. A classically-trained musician? Wow, I'm both impressed and envious. What a fantastic accomplishment. And Puffs, you're the right person to welcome me since I am very new also, and you're my first "Welcome" recipient. Looks like I'm gonna love it here. I am so grateful that ADISC has established this great way for us to get to know each other. I hope that in the ensuing months we are able to talk together often. My computer skills are right around ZERO, so by being here I can also learn more about my machine. Take care, guys, and thanks again. -bashful

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