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Thread: Changing from Thumb sucking to Pacifier

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    Default Changing from Thumb sucking to Pacifier

    Hi there, really hope you can help, I posted on here a while ago with regards to thumsucking but wanting to change to using a pacifier (due to my thumb hurting my teeth)

    I have been a lifetime thumb sucker with a cloth / blanket that I smell while sucking my thumb (this is all due to habit from when I was a baby)

    Well basically now I finally have bought a pacifier, a adult silicone one from pacifiers rus. I have now used it twice and can say it dosent hurt my teeth which is great but the problem is that I can not fall asleep when using it and a bit embarrasing is that I'm also turned on at the same time again which again also keeps me awake, also the other issue is that when using it I really miss smelling my cloth, (with my thumb I had my right hand thumb in my mouth while also with the same hand held my cloth to my nose)

    I really want to use the pacifier as it's so much better for my teeth.

    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions ? Will I ever be able to go to sleep with it in also with out getting aroused ? What can I do about my cloth ?
    Has anyone successfully changed from thumb to pacifier? Really want to.

    Look forward for your advice, kind regards Ollie

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    I'm sorry that I can't give you any useful advice about switching from your thumb to a pacifier. However, the difficulty in sleeping with one right off the bat is common. All I can suggest on that score is practice. You don't have to use it 24/7 or anything, but the more used to having it in your mouth, the easier sleep will be. In addition, getting used to it may alleviate your arousal, or at least take it down to a point where you can opt in on the fun rather than having it pushed on you.

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    Thanks Trevor, No problem any advice is much appreciated.

    Has any one else experience the change from thumb sucking to pacifier.

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    I use a pacifier sometimes, but I use my thumb much more. Therefore, I have no actual experience with what you are trying to do, but breaking a habit and forming a new one always takes time. I don't know what you could do about your blanket, but I think (as Trevor said), that the more you 'practice' the easier it will be.

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    -first post here, excuse me if inappropriate-
    Being a Pacifier user, I hope the following tips would help

    Regarding the cloth- you can hold it entirely in your hand and put that in the front of the pacifier, I do not understand why it should be an issue to keep your hand in a position relatively close to its old position despite the pacifier's existence.

    Regarding the ugh... 'turn on', you can attempt to ignore it and focus on your other senses instead, attempting to get warm should help making you dozy, or alternatively stimulate the feeling a bit and then let it fall, it should get you exhausted to do so

    I recall reading somewhere that it takes around 21 days worth of time to break old habits, if you consistently keep up your ehh.. 'pacifier training' it should be easy eventually , sleeping with a pacifier is great fun.

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    Changing from thumb to pacifier at night was actually an easy transition for me. Perhaps because I was a pacifier sucker as a baby and not a thumb sucker.

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    maybe like someone else said if you keep your cloth and your hand next to your face as if you were sucking your thumb but with the pacifier itd work? you know in the same position?

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    I used to suck my thumb as a kid...

    I have a pacifier, and did "switch" to it, but over the years have even gone away from now I usually don't sleep with a paci or thumb anymore...things change over time...

    As for switching...I switched fairly quick, I used malvastop I think is the name...bad tasting nail coating...

    So, at night when I stuck in my thumb, it wasn't very plesant, and used the paci then...

    I sometimes will use a paci...but tend to just sleep without it most nights...

    Not sure your personal habits and such...but I'll say if you tried this it might work quickly too...and keep your teeth from hurting too...

    There are a few products, malvastop was the one I used...

    Just a bit on your nail, and it doesn't wash of easily...and tastes horrible...

    Maybe try that...


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    It took me a while to switch from thumb to pacifier. I sucked my thumb since I was a baby till I was about 23. What I did was get in bed and use the pacifier untill I could not stand it anymore. Then I would switch to my thumb. And I just used the pacifier as long as I could stand it and then switch to my thumb. It just got longer all the time and before I knew it I was falling asleep with the pacifier. And as far as the blankie goes just hold it up to your nose like you would if your thumb was in your mouth. It does take time and practice.

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    Thanks for all the help everyone, really hope it gets easier and I don't give up, last night I was awake in bed for about 4 hours with the paci and had to switch back to my thumb, can u by malvastop in the shops, what is it actually for?
    Do you think if I just carry on doing it I will get used to it eventually ?

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