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    Hi everybody!

    I'm fairly new to adisc and figured that I should introduce myself. I've been a DL since I was about 13, so about 12 years I guess. I'm a first year medical student, so I'm insanely busy most of the time! I'm not exactly sure what I hope to get out of joining this site, but it is nice to know that there are like-minded individuals out there. I'm very active and have been a competitive powerlifter for several years. Fitness is very important to me as well as health in general, but I'm not a complete freak about my nutrition lol! It's nice to cheat on your diet every once in a while I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody!

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    Hello! I'm GryphonGuy and I have been a DL since I was 8. This is a great site to get to know like-minded people. That's great that you are studying a field you enjoy. Especially a field with so much opportunity. Your name suggests PullUps. I prefer the Goodnites myself as they have been what I have been wearing since I found this site and I accept and enjoy this part of me. Plus they are very comfortable. I also like filmmaking, playing poker, watching movies, and just hanging with my friends.

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    Hey, Bob. Welcome to the site. Just curious, what field of medicine are you going into?

    Also, what got you started/interested in diaper wearing, and are you able to wear now that you are in Med school?

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    Well, doctors are human too. I mean we all know that ab's and dl's can be police and soldiers, and other professionals like lawyers and politicians and engineers... They tend to keep being abdl private though. I never doubted that "our thing" is "no respecter of persons" but I think it does us good to know our doctor - or any doctor - may well be one of us. We're Only Human.

    PS Have you given any thought to a possible specialty? Is it too soon in the game?

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