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    I just want to say thank you. Reading some posts all of you have made, have helped me to realize stuff about me that i didnt connect. Such as how i still feel ashamed to a degree about my "little" self and how i need to work on that if i am to communicate what i need to my wife. Im still in the process of weeding through posts to better understand me as well. This site is so full of helpful not harmful information.
    I introduced my wife to it so she can do some reading, maybe ask a few questions and use this site as a positive resource.

    A great big thank you goes out to all who post here.

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    As I have suggested to some others recently, there is a book which I think could be of great help to you both as you work this out. Available on Amazon and others, is "There's a Baby in my Bed!". It helps to gain understanding about what is going on in our heads to have a little side, and how to achieve a balance between adult and little side. A lot of good information there. Amazon allows you to look at a few dozen pages to get the feel of it. It is written by a woman who is trained in psychology and is married to a little, so she has both education and first hand experience.
    I recently read it, and my wife says I am now becoming better at being an adult, and more responsible. She is not interested in joining as a partner in my journey, but appreciates that I am improving.

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    funny you should mention that book, her ordering it prompted lots of things. She is supposed to get it tomorrow i believe.

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