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Thread: Concerning News in Regards to Xbox VS PS4

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    Default Concerning News in Regards to Xbox VS PS4

    As some of us know, Microsoft is hiring a new CEO.
    Stephen Elop, one of the candidates points out that he would possibly make it a mission to sell off the Xbox brand and defund Bing altogether.
    It's no secret that Xbox hasn't been very profitable since the downfall of the Original Xbox and the many issues with the Xbox 360 (Red Rings, Faulty Power, Etc.). The shareholders are not happy with the figures being produced by Xbox 360 and Bing.

    I have been a diehard Xbox fan for close to a decade now, having several Xbox Live accounts.
    The fact that they would even consider letting this go public, especially this close to Christmas, is completely stupid.

    I'm sad to say that I won't be playing Xbox exclusives like Ryse: Son of Rome because I will now be going with the PS4.

    If you would like to read the articles yourself there are some links below.

    Elop could sell off Xbox if made Microsoft CEO, claims report | ZDNet

    Stephen Elop to kill Bing if made Microsoft CEO: Report - Times Of India

    NetAppVoice: Elop To Kill Xbox As Microsoft CEO? Or Do Dark Forces Seek To Undermine Him? - Forbes

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    i havent been happy with xbox since the first one. i only have a 360 due to friends all having it im more Sega and PC ( i was really Sad when Sega Pulled the plug on the dreamcast) ill still get the XB one because of a few exclusives and the fact that it can easily use all my other stuff like netflix and ill be really happy if they could put on spotify. but as for gaming i have my PC and PS3 and i will get the PS 4 Eventually..

    i Always have despised microsoft and their uppity snooty masterrace attitude they take in the world of technology, that being said i also cant stand Macintosh either they are a bunch of closed minded freaks that think that the their PC's never need to be updated plus they are very fragile software wise one virus and you have to buy a whole new mac computer. all PC's i have run one or more forms of linux (mopstly ubuntu) with the exception of my Gaming PC which sadly runs Windows 7.

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    Only thing I've ever seen worth n a xbox is Forza. But with Project Cars coming to PC (my preferred platform) and owning a PS3, still don't give a shit.

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