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    OMG to all you people who already love these. OMG I go craigslist hunting all the time but this lady was selling Abena Abri-Form M4 and Abri-Flex M3. I was hesitant to try them because I was a non-believer, but now i see what you all love about them. I just got a single pack of Abri-Form M4 first for $14 and she said to come back if i liked them. I tried one and I was hooked. So i talked to her and she gave me everything she had left for $20. So I got 3 packs of Abri-Flex M3, and 1 pack of Abri-Form M4 plastic backed one, a few loose Abri Form M4 cloth-covered, and a few off brand diapers.
    I am so happy ^-^ OMG OMG OMG!

    Oh. Then the question I have is what is the back tape thingy on the Abri-Flex for? I pull on it and its sticky on one side and i pull it some more and its sticky on the other. What purpose does it serve????
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    Ah I have been singing the praises of Abena Abri-Form this week as well. It's a very thirsty diaper and is nice and thick the way they should be. I believe the back tape is to refasten the diaper, and reposition it.

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    The plastic-backed M4 is the best diaper in the universe by a long shot -- and I've tried quite a few brands! I hope Abena officially start manufacturing them again...

    Anyway, someone posted a photo of some pull-ups with a mysterious tab on the back, asking what it was for. I didn't have a clue, but some bright spark reckoned it was so that they can be rolled up, and then that tape used to make sure they stay rolled up when you chuck them away.

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    You can order Abena from walgreens website and pick them up at the store!!!!

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    O.O whoa but that's still so... EXPENSIVE! i was so lucky on craigslist but totally gonna get them when i finally run out. At least the plastic ones are cheaper than the "breathable" ones.

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    Yeah plus you can ship them to the store...I ordered a pack at 8am Tues and they called Thursday and told me my package had arrived!!!!

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    I use to dislike abenas because they were so medical looking. But then i actually used one and it was fantastic. I would love to buy some if they werent so damn expensive.

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