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    Default New to this site

    Just looking for some validation for my interests. Thought this site looked helpful!

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    Hi, good to have you!
    This is a pretty clean place and is full of help.

    You could get started here by posting a little about your self, and your AB interests.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! There are probably a hundred thousand people or more in the world who share similar interests, so consider yourself validated. I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to join in.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Hello cozybear and welcome to the group.

    I think you will find that joining this group will be a big help to you when it comes to Paraphilic Infantilism. It has been a major help to me over the last 10 months.

    Could you please tell us a little more about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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