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Thread: 1st time Trying Pampers Size 6+

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    Default 1st time Trying Pampers Size 6+

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    Hey Boys And Girls
    So i love wearing Adult Nappies Ie (cuddlz) (tena) (LIL) and so on but there is just something about wearing real baby/toddler Nappies that makes me feel really little and takes me back to when i had my 1st nappy wearing experience when i was 10 years old.
    But now as a adult its hard to find real baby/toddler Nappies that will fit other then Drynites 8-15 but even so there not really baby/toddler nappies. But to day i was in boots and saw some pampers size 6+ i thought well they probably won't fit me but i'm happy to say they do fit with out any modifications here's some thought's and measurements on the pampers size 6+.

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    The prints are super cute! as seen in the pic. i think they are much more cuter then pampers active fit or Huggies super dry.

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    Stretched out front to back they measure 22 inches long and the side to side or the middle IE leg guard to leg guard measures 8 inches stretched out which is more then enough to keep things where they should be.

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    The back of the Nappy from tab to tab unstretched measure 13 inches but can be stretched up to 29 inches but any more then that and you might have a problem with the tabs tearing off.

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    The front of the Nappy wing to wing measures 12 inches as the Nappy has a hourglass shape so the front is smaller then the back. Like i said will be fine stretched up to 29 inches but any more then that might be a problem.

    Well to keep in mind that these are baby/toddler Nappies and are not made for Adults. But with that said i thought these pampers size 6+ did a great job they held 3 wettings with no leaks and no problem with the tabs tearing off.
    I understand the fact these are baby/toddler nappies and in the real world are not practical for adults but in the ABDL world its nice to have a bit of fun and switch it up a bit and why not.
    Other then Adult nappies does any one else like to wear real baby/toddler Nappies if so why ? and witch ones have work't the best for you ?
    Super Hugs Leo

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    I bought some pampers size 6 back 10 years ago when I was a 32" and they were like 3 inches too short from being able to tape on on each side, not sure how you fit in them.

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    Hey MickeyM well i'm 29 inch in waist but in saying that i have only ever see pampers size 6 and not the size 6+ i have seen them on the net but never in the shops. The pampers size 7 i had sent over from the US are very close to the size of these pampers baby dry size 6+

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    Hmm, well, maybe they could fit me, but I'll stick with my Molicares, but nice little, "review".
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    Thanks Oceltot i am aware of this but i don't feel this is a full on shot and i am not exposing my self in any way. But with that said i would be more then happy to take the pic down if offensive or if admin step in.
    But again the only thing on show is the front of the Nappy there for i don't feel its in any way explicit or exposing. Thanks again Hugs Leo

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    I got some Pampers 6+ a few months ago. I need to fit extender tapes to them to wear them (same with the size 6) The first one didn't seem to hold much, but the rest seem ok. I've started to use them as soakers inside my cloth nappy at night and they hold a full nights wettings with no leaks so far.

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    Littleleo's photos don't appear to look like the full-on crotch shots I've seen on other sites, that are so off-putting. The images do give a good example on how the product will fit someone with a 29" or 30" waist. I would suggest one improvement: Wearing some tight, black slacks under the diapers, to completely cover the area where the outer diaper fits. That would be an improved illustration of fit, and finish.

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    Thank you Honeywell6180 that's what i was trying to show with using these pics to give a good example on how the product will fit someone with the same size waist.
    I would not! at any point post images of a indecent nature on this website or on any other website. This image is not a full on crotch shot like you said that you see on other websites or even on google with the safe search on and yes tho's images are very off putting there for i would not! put images of that kind any were on the web this in fact its a very mature post that i spent a long time on with taking measurements and writing a descriptions for each image posted in turn helping people get a good idea of sizing.
    I'm even wearing a jumper in the pic to show i'm not just standing there wearing only a nappy as that can come across a little creepy. Leo
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    These appear to have the same dimensions as US Pampers Cruisers 7, Baby Dry 6, etc. As was discussed a while back, the "+" in "6+" is a reference to the extra absorbency. I see these as the UK answer to Pampers Extra Protection.

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    Hey Cottontail yes they are very close to the pampers cruisers 7 and Libero size 7 as i have tried both but thing is with the 6+ on the side of the packet with the sizing info it go's (1) (2) (3) (4 ) (5) (6) (6+) so if the + has nothing to do with the size of the Nappy then why is it on the sizing info on the side of the packet and i would say i have tried pampers size 6 before and they did not fit but yet the 6+ do fit.
    Any thoughts ?. Hugs Leo

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