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Thread: Planning a Binge: What to get?

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    Default Planning a Binge: What to get?

    Hey everyone, it's been quite some time since I've been around here. I didn't really start accepting this side of myself until about the time that I got two roomies. So there wasn't much to say because I'm not going to wear around them. That being said...

    They're leaving on the 20th to go to a convention, and they won't be back until the 25th. This seems like the perfect time for me to indulge myself. I thought I'd ask around and see what sorts of things I'd want to get. I want to order them soon so they can ship here in time.

    Right now I only have a couple of Abena L4s hidden away... certainly not enough to get through the weekend. I'm thinking about picking up something a bit more economical since I usually don't wear any one diaper more than 3 hours anyway. I'm looking at the L3s for that. Any experience with those?

    I'm also thinking of branching out and trying something new, maybe getting a bambino sample pack. I'm really more of a DL, not an AB, but I've heard they're pretty premium stuff.

    I also want some smaller diapers that I could comfortably sleep in. I'm a side sleeper so L4s are too bulky to be comfortable. I'm hoping the L3s would work, otherwise I may need something else. I also can't wet laying down, no matter the bulk, without leaking. Would plastic pants help? I feel like they'd be too loud and new to me and keep me from sleeping...

    Totally open to any other suggestions... maybe a onesie to really try something different? Like I said I'm not an AB, but I am curious about the comfort factor. Anything else you guys can think of would be great too.

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    Personally I would advise you to try a package of Bambinos. I'm not an AB at all myself, but I've enjoyed the biancos, teddies, and bellisimos that I've tried. If you only wear for 3 hours out so at a time, bellisimos would be a relative waste for you because they last about 12 hours for most people. Just so you know, all Bambino diapers will be roughly as thick as any Abena L4... as for sleeping, you might consider molicares for a slightly thinner but still premium adult diaper. I've also touted with getting a onsie, but haven't ever done it. Regardless, good luck with your week. Let us know how it goes

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    Hmm... So what size Bambino is good for a 40 inch waist, M or L? I'm also still wondering if the Abena L3s would be a good economy and sleep-in diaper.

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    Waist means nothing compared to hips. Since bambinos run smaller than diapers like an Abena M4 it'd be best to try a sample pack. They suggest that as well due to that reason. When picking out the size try to be within the first half of the size range and not the second half. You can make a diaper tighter but not looser and have it work correctly.

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    Most people choose the thickest, most absorbent night time diaper they can find, rather than downgrading from their daytime choice. I've never used an Abena L3, so u can't really say...

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    Well, the reason that I'm looking at a "downgrade" is that in the past I've had trouble sleeping while wearing. The bulk on the L4s is too much to make side-sleeping comfortable, and it draws my attention to the fact that I'm wearing. It usually takes a while for me to fall asleep when I try, and then I wake up every couple of hours. Perhaps this will get better if I just start wearing more often, though.

    It also seems, according to XP Medical, that Abena discontinued their plastic-backed L3s. They suggest either cloth-backed L3s, or the "Delta-Form" which looks closer to the L4s. I've never tried a cloth-backed disposable... it may work out better for sleeping, since heat can be an issue for me, but I don't know if I'd like the general feel on the outside and I doubt that it blocks odors nearly as well. Anyone have experience with those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FurryGamer View Post
    Hmm... So what size Bambino is good for a 40 inch waist, M or L? I'm also still wondering if the Abena L3s would be a good economy and sleep-in diaper.
    my hips aren't too out of line from my waist, and I'm a 38ish belt, and larges fit me very nicely. ymmv

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    I'd say, go for the large Bambinos. The bellissimo mediums fit me (38 W), but they are a little tight round the thighs. if you are going to binge.. might as well go all out. the Bellisimos are pretty awesome. Just drink a lot of water

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    Quote Originally Posted by FurryGamer View Post
    Hmm... So what size Bambino is good for a 40 inch waist, M or L? I'm also still wondering if the Abena L3s would be a good economy and sleep-in diaper.
    I've got a 36" waist and had to buy a roll of packing tape to be able to keep my medium Bambinos on. I highly recommend the larges. They'll fit similar to the Abena L4 if my current batches are any indication (I've got the L4 and Bellisimos - my Biancos were a similar fit too). Molicare is a reasonable option for a thinner diaper, but whether FA a good sleeper or not, I'm not too sure - I can't sleep in a diaper.

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