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Thread: What do you like to drink in your bottles?

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    Default What do you like to drink in your bottles?

    Post what you like to drink from your ba-bas here!

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    water, juice fruit or vegetable or combinations I particularly love purple carrot and beets blended with pomegranate, tea, never milk lactose intolerant, and no soda I don't drink soda anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suede View Post
    whiskey and coke.

    Why ruin good whiskey and coke...

    I keep them separate, I'll have a coke...and a smile

    Then I'll have a scotch, or even Seagrams 7...

    Right now, I have my sippy cup filled up with it....wait for it...Ahhh....

    Water, yep sometimes I'm boring too


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    I like to drink apple spritzer out of my bottle
    But I also drink many lemonades out of it.
    I don't like to drink milk in bottles, it tastes awful when, but I like to drink cold milk normally .
    Every time Someone forces me to drink milk out of a bottle I'm about to vomit

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    Goldie Hawn on the Laugh-In program (years ago) was asked in bar setting if she was old enough to drink and winked her eye and said Yes !
    So then the bartender asked her what she wanted to drink and her reply was "Scotch and Wa-Wa" !

    Well make mine a double !

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