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    So I am new to cross-dressing but not new to my girly personality. What kind of clothes do you girls wear, whether you are bio female or like me just a girl. What sorts of clothes do you prefer, or what looks cute to you? I really want to know, because I am not sure what I like yet.

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    I'd say start with what you're most interested in/can get the most easily. For me that was panties. You can get them anywhere, they're easy to hide, there are a million styles for them, and they're a great way to instantly feel more feminine! They're pretty easy to buy, too, and store workers dont tend to ask questions.

    Dresses are another great choice if you have a little privacy. If you go the thrift store route, you can find almost any style for amazing prices, whether you want formal, casual, or super-girly. Finding the right size can be tricky, and you may have to brave the dressing room, but I've found that no one notices or cares.

    Those are my two recommendations. Panties are the easiest to get and hide, and dresses are tons of fun too. I'd say stop and think about what you'd really like to wear, and go get that. Whatever it is, it's out there, and there are some talented fashionistas on here who can help you our as necessary. Above all...have fun and enjoy yourself!

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    Well as long as you follow basic fashion rules and even that is up to you as to what ever you enjoy it is your choice,
    I simply try not to mix prints/patterns with other prints and patterns, and accessorize moderately usually a hat and earrings for me but I am going out in public often as I am transitioning.
    In private feel free to all out frilly though you can in public to but regardless of how pretty you are it will attract a lot of attention, if that is what you want that is fine, the last time I did it was for halloween because I do really enjoy super frilly but I know that loli/loligoth style is just not reasonable for me to wear in public everyday.
    Please just be you and find what works for you I know you are looking for some advice but that is hard to give as each person is different, generally though integrating a print/pattern and solid with matching shoes and some accessories if needed is a good choice, though generally for little girls that is hats and little playful bracelets etc, nothing or that can caught on anything if you are after a more womanly look, earrings possibly, a hat maybe depends on you, necklaces , a bracelet or watch, glasses/sunglasses, a smile!, working through the combination of what is right for you is a challenge and then matching it to the outfit.
    Best of luck to you

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    give me anything cute, or meant to be worn by a young girl.
    i own a lot of girls school uniform, lolita dresses, cute skirts and dresses.
    its what i like and what i like to wear,
    fine something you like, try it on and love it, if not try something else

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    Smile hi hi

    meeeee a wittle sissy and me like tosay hihi to alll da other sissy baby

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    Like Mistysummers, I go for anything meant for a young girl, mostly school uniforms, skirts or everyday dresses. In bed i have girls Pj's, nightdresses and onesies. In the underwear department I can fit into age 15/16 panties and i try to get designs that a younger girl would wear. I also wear girls socks and vests too under my normal, everyday clothes to keep me at least a bit girly when I'm at work.
    Over the years I tried a few different styles, but i always come back to normal little girl type clothes, so pick something you like and try it and see how you like it.

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    I am looking for a dress for Christmas. Have't found anything I really like yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adella View Post
    Well as long as you follow basic fashion rules
    Hehe, that is kind of a messed up rule since the one of the main rules is guys wear guys stuff and girls wear girls stuff. :P

    But for me what i like most is something flowy so if I want to twirl that dress would rise with me. Most times that would be a sundress with soft colors or a cute pattern with some white tights and mary janes. Other times i would get girly thing that would close to what you would find in the toddle section when i want to feel little. But besides that if im going to CD and go out it would be close that what a other women would wear for my age.

    Underwear if im not going to wear a diaper i go for Bikini cut panties.

    Shoes I love ballet style flats or old school jelly sandals.

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    I'm bio-female, and usually just go with jeans, hoodie and a t-shirt, but on feminine days I really like my black skater dress, usually with a white t-shirt underneath, white socks and black flat shoes (I dunno what the technical term is for them, possibly "ballet pump"-type things?).

    That's my favourite "girly" outfit. I personally think it looks really cute on me.

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    Men's clothing is so bland . I like colors but thats me

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