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Thread: Insider That Rigged 2000/2004 Election Killed

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    WOW... that's unexpected. Though it would explain why the machines malfunction. Which was strange in the first place because what a voting machine has to do is relatively simple.

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    Umm lets just all remember that this is just a press release from an organization called Velvet Revolutions(there "about" page can be found here:, which is not exactly a neutral non-partisan reliable source of information. Basically this is just an organization that decided to throw out a press release (which anyone can do if they have money and they know how to) to support their agenda, it isn't an actual news story, it is like going to a far right website and believing some of the stuff they are throwing around about Obama, so simply, its laughable.

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    People don't just commonly die in plane crashes though. A plane crash alone is worthy of investigation, that's not even considering everything else. I'm not prepared to make up my mind for sure that the elections of 00 and 04 were definitely rigged, but I think this deserves investigation.

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    So they rig a plane crash to kill not only him but innocent victims when they could just beat the %*$& out of him when he's walking home and frame it on some gang?

    Which is more likely, let's ask the theory of "occam's razor".

    Edit: I don't think anyone did kill this guy and unless evidence points to foul play I have no reason to expect anyone to. We already had a "Tell All" about bush and whoever the hell that was wrote a book and pretty much copped out. Just since he was a IT guy didn't mean he had proof their was election rigging.

    Also Kite I never saw you mention what ACORN was doing, they tampered with the election process as well and guess who donated to them. <_>
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    If you just read the press release you can see its not professionally done, they have doctored it up to look like a news article, "non-profit calls for an investigation", the non-profit is the people who wrote the article, and they are just trying to get people to buy into a theory.

    As far as plane crashes, while commercial airline crashes are very rare, small private planes are much more likely to crash due to a variety of factors, basically this looks like a group of far left-wingers taking advantage of this individuals unfortunate accident.

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    I have no doubt that the Republicans tampered with the elections, but so do the Democrats, and so would every party in Canada if they could. I've worked in election campaigns here, and everyone does lots of illegal stuff. Overspending, illegal signage, vandalism of other candidate's material, impersonation of opponent campaigns, distribution of fake opponent campaign materials, vote buying, sending in the same voter multiple times with different clothing, the sale of candidacy in secure ridings, etc... I've seen it all done many times by every party. So there is no doubt in my mind that the Republicans took every opportunity to game the system and had a detailed vote rigging strategy.

    However! The election systems we have are well developed, and the vast majority of election volunteers are well meaning. So the effects of all this crap are very limited. I would say much less than 1% of the vote is affected. Of course, in previous US elections it would have made a difference, but have no doubt the Democrats do the same thing, so it's more or less a zero sum thing. Certainly in Florida in 2000, the difference was well within the range of random chance, imho.

    That being said, I'm all for persecuting this kind of behaviour. It makes for good political theatre. But be sure, it will not lessen these kinds of activities.

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    The outcome of the first Bush election certainly was very strange, and this was the one where Gore had won the majority of the national vote. I believe there was a lot going on behind the scenes, but I think that was all handled by a lot of people in power. We like to think we live in a democracy, but it takes money to be elected, and who has all the money? Big business of course, and so they control all of our destinies. They certainly got greedy over selling morgages that new house owners could not afford.

    I doubt that there is much truth or any truth to this story, but Bush's daddy bought him the governorship in Texas, and big business with the help of very powerful people bought him the presidency, in my opinion, which on a good day, might be worth a cup of coffee...

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    I guess nowadays, people just don't die anymore, so let's open investigations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rance View Post
    I guess nowadays, people just don't die anymore, so let's open investigations!
    Well yeah... that's kind of how it works. Someone dies, especially in (what could only be perceived) odd circumstances, they open an investigation to the cause of death.

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