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Thread: The new theories of evolution.

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    Default The new theories of evolution.

    I started this thread because we were going a little off topic on the previous post about the term "The theory of evolution". This post is aimed more at current thinking regarding the specifics of evolution.

    I am grateful to those who had provided links supposedly refuting claims of macroevolution. Reading these articles gave me an eye opening update on where evolution theory is heading.

    Most people think of Darwinist style evolutionary gradualism when they hear the term "evolution", but this theory is starting to give way to saltational evolution theories which claim that the concept of rapid evolution of species, sometimes occuring within a single generation, is not only biologically possible but is supported by the bulk of the fossil evidence. These theories are "new" in the sense that most people have not heard of them, but they are actually older than Darwinism.

    Long held beliefs are hard to break away from but, just like the creationists, gradualists will have to confront the reality of paleontological and biological evidence. Like it or not, the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction and Darwinism will take a back seat to macroevolution.

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    I really don't think this is differentiated enough from the other evolution threads that are currently opened to warrant its own thread.

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