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Thread: I've realised the solution to all of society's ills

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    Default I've realised the solution to all of society's ills

    That's right, folks, Chillhouse has done it again. I've come up with a solution that will solve all of our problems, get rid of the hate, and make us love each other more.


    Moderation is key, folks. That's my solution. Liberals suck. Conservatives suck. Labels suck. The trick is to find the middle ground. Go into everything with the idea that you aren't ALWAYS right, no matter what the bible/God/Bush/Obama told you, and that there are potential solutions to problems that you may not have thought of. Most of all, keep an open mind about everything.

    Examples: Long ago I was a firm believer that abortion should be allowed and open to everyone. I also believed that criminals should never be excecuted. I finaly realised that this made no sense at all. I was willing to kill off babies who have not yet had a chance to live, yet I was willing to defend the scum of the earth?

    I reached a compromised: Maybe abortions shouldn't be flaunted around so much. Maybe they should be reserved for the situations where they are needed most. i.e. The mother will die if they baby isn't killed; a 13 year old girl is raped and becomes pregnant (she COULD give it up for adoption, but the eight months she has it for could ruin her life).

    And maybe the death penalty is needed for some situations. There are some people in this world with a condition known as Antisocial Personality Disorder: Sociopaths. They strive for power and thrive on fear. The ones that kill are particularly dangerous, as they have no remorse for what they have done. I have alwasy believed that jails are primarily rehabilitation centers. Sociopaths can not be rehabilitated. They can lie and pretend that they have been, but they aren't. Something went wrong during the development of their brain in the womb, and they lack a conscience. Maybe they deserve to be put to death before they can be released and harm again?

    And don't talk down to people in different religions from your own. Don't claim they are going to hell because they don't believe in what you believe in. Because they can very easily do the same to you. Atheists: don't outright call someone stupid or delusional because they believe in something different from you. That makes you no better than the religious radicals.

    A note to American conservatives and liberals: Obama is not the end of your country. Nor is he the man who will fix the world and cure cancer. We have yet to see if either of these happens, but for now he's a slick-talking politician in a nice suit. Remember that politicians are in it for personal gain; they wouldn't be running for president if they weren't. The man that doesn't want to be president should be president.

    So, to sum it up, never stray into the extremes of any side, whether that be religious, political, ethical, or whatever. Neutrality is best, always strive for middle ground, and recognize that your ideas may not be best for the situation at hand.

    Obviously, I;ve had a lot to think about the week I was banned.

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    You know, if your always play the middle of the road, sooner or later you'll get hit by a car.

    But in all seriousness, you've touched on a point, but I see it a bit differently. I don't believe it's about left or right-wing, the key is to understand where the other one is coming from, and understand your own positions and to be ready to answer for your beliefs and oppositions.

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    My economics teacher said something interesting about this.

    If everyone stood a middle ground and nobody fought, nobody competed, society wouldn't evolve. If cell phone companies didn't constantly fight to one-up each other, they would still be the size of a loaf of bread and give us X-rays every time we use them. If scientists and researchers didn't compete, some of the greatest medical advancements would never have happened.

    Middle ground and acceptance would be fine in a world that could be capable of such a thing, but it's not how we operate. We thrive on conflict, we need it to become greater.

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    I've got a better solution, if we kill everyone off there will be no human problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    I've got a better solution, if we kill everyone off there will be no human problems.
    Perfect! I'll bring nachos.

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    Yeah, I see what you're saying, Chillhouse....but like a few others have mentioned, I think that if you change it a bit it's a little more spot on.

    I completely agree that it's a big problem that a lot of people choose a position on something based mainly on what someone else has told them. Then, because of pride or stubbornness, they stick with it through and through and take it to an extreme.

    So, I'm gonna use some meta-moderation on your idea. There are times when it is best to be moderate, and there are times when it's best to commit strongly to one side. The key is that you have to think through the whole situation and completely understand how you personally feel about it. As long as you take into account all of the information that is available, then there are a lot of places different people can end up...and I think that's ok.

    I think the world is too complex to try to sum up all of its problems/solutions in one much as I try to convince myself otherwise. I do think we can pinpoint what we believe is the biggest problem, however.

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    How boring!

    Just taking the moderate way out? What is the moderate ground? Without the extremes, how can you tell?

    Not to mention that people have reasons for taking up certain views. If somebody is dead against abortion for religious reasons, saying "yeah but the moderate way is better" is not going to be very convincing. They'll just say "well that doesn't change the fact you're going against the sanctity of life" etc.

    Not to mention extremes over time... and conservative things today were liberal yesterday....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Perfect! I'll bring nachos.

    I was thinking Genocide and Tacos myself

    But I guess we're on the same track

    Someone (Bubba Ray Dudly Voice) GET THE QUESO!!!! (Quesodias that is)

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    I'm all for moderation, but sometimes it seems
    Moderation itself can be a kind of extreme

    -Andrew Bird 'Lull'

    I think it's a nice notion, but as soon as you stake out the middle ground, new positions of extremity would form within it. We're prone to conflict and argument, which is part of what drives us forward. It's beneficial, but we can, and frequently do, take it too far. We just have to take the risk of playing with fire and hope it doesn't go too far awry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    So, to sum it up, never stray into the extremes of any side, whether that be religious, political, ethical, or whatever. Neutrality is best, always strive for middle ground, and recognize that your ideas may not be best for the situation at hand.
    While it is a pleasant sentiment to promote an overall communicative well-being amongst any people, I don't necessarily think that it's such a good idea.

    Without being dedicated to extremes of "any side," some people run the risk of losing their political, religious, or social identity. People who believe strongly in something also speak strongly out for it, and often-times have (what they believe to be) good reasons for it. This causes debate, and this causes disagreement, but these debates and disagreements produce the final ideals on which so many things in life -- not just politics -- are decided. Without sides clashing, we don't go through the "testing" process of ideas.

    Thesis + antithesis = synthesis, like Hegel suggested. Our world is constantly a product of its own change. We fix problems that come as a result of idealism; we thus, in turn, develop new idealism. It's a never-ending but predominantly important cycle in how our world functions.

    As for American politics, the extremism of both sides is what makes our democracy work so well. Liberals hate conservative ideals; conservatives hate liberal ideals. This is a product of the way our country was made to work, and without those widespread differences, our decision-making would be less critical and far more flawed.

    To all of those who think that the American government is a failure: If it doesn't seem that it's working right, then that means it's working exactly how it was meant to.

    While I believe that you're right, Chillhouse, that people need to be more accepting and open to ideas outside of their own, I think we'd see a drastic (if not dangerous) change in the way the world functions. Humans run the world; the world is flawed because humans are flawed; without human flaws and tendencies towards extremism, how would our world work?

    Probably not very well!

    A great topic for conversation starting, Chillhouse! Kudos!

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