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Thread: A silly and frustrating mistake!

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    Default A silly and frustrating mistake!

    90% of my padded time is for fun but sometimes it's 'for real'. Occasionally I have to spend long sessions in front of screen and keyboard, without any real opportunity to get away for even a minute, because I need to monitor a situation closely. I can last a whole day without emptying my bladder if I limit myself to one or two drinks, but that's not ideal so I prefer to wear a nappy if possible. Being able to wet when I need makes a real difference to my comfort and takes me part of the way to my 'fantasy' realm of having one of those jobs where everyone knows you wear nappies.

    Anyway, this morning, the phone rang as I was stepping out of the shower, with someone asking if I could attend an emergency meeting at 7am. I said yes, I'd be there asap. To save time, I decided to throw my clothes on and get padded if necessary after the meeting, as the changing bag was already packed. Mistake! I had to go straight into an all-day session, arriving to find everything in chaos and needing immediate attention. There was no opportunity to sneak out and pad up, before sitting down and getting stuck in.

    By lunchtime it dawned on me that I was not going to be able to last the day because I hadn't reduced my fluid intake, nor was there any way to make use of the lovely thirsty Tena slips in the bag right next to me. At this point I slowed my coffee consumption but the damage was done because my bladder was already quite full. Every now and then I would look at the bag, projecting all my telekinetic powers onto one of the nappies to transport it into my jeans, so that I could wet and make myself comfortable again. But alas, as the hours ticked by, the nappies remained uselessly three feet away from where they were needed. I really thought I was going to make a puddle but somehow managed to get through to the end without bursting. But that was truly frustrating, as I could easily have put a nappy on to start with.

    I'm heading into the bar for a few beers now and this time I am going to give my bladder a well-earned rest and let it empty when and where it likes, having taken the simple but important step of putting on a nappy BEFORE going out!

    Maybe you've got a tale to tell of nappies that weren't in the right place at the right time when you needed them?

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    Well without speculating about your job / job-description.... I run a small company... and am pretty busy for what is like usually 10-12 hours a day... I also know a deal or two about emergency situations hard to get away from...

    BUT what I kind of fail to grasp, especially if I may quote you verbatim:

    By lunchtime it dawned on me that I was not going to be able to last the day because I hadn't reduced my fluid intake, nor was there any way to make use of the lovely thirsty Tena slips in the bag right next to me. At this point I slowed my coffee consumption
    You obviously have time to DRINK coffee.... ...that should give you the two minutes to step out and go for a piss (like most everyone else).

    Aside from a VERY limited number of jobs (none of them including meetings and coffee-time) you can NOT be really pushed to the point where it's impossible to access a toilet.
    It's pretty much inhumane and whilst I DO believe/understand, that it can be INCONVENIENT... hardly anyone is so important, that a two minutes break twice or thrice during a day would make a REAL problem.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling you out on your story... I can believe that you BELIEVE that it's "impossible" for you to make a toilet break...
    But honestly, there's hardly ANY reasoning you can supply that would make this without an option.
    What's every one else at work doing? holding it in day after day for 8+ hours? wearing diapers? catheters? pissing in their pants? take quantities of anti-diuretics?

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    Yeah, I was thinking, doesn't your place of work have a bathroom?

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    He probably ha an intern bring him the coffee


    Quote Originally Posted by Squeezy View Post
    need to monitor a situation closely
    might mean that he has some job that involves security

    still couldn't you just get someone watch over it while you put on a diaper, I can't see how you would be that trapped even if i guessed everything else right

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    I am pretty sure that bathroom visitation is a basic worker's right in the Labor code, so there is not much that could be done if you went every 2 hours. Unless it was like every 20 minutes, I don't think any employer would have a chance fighting this fact, people need to relieve themselves! Even if I was in a meeting, I get up and go, or there WILL be a puddle to mop up sooner rather then later, even if a Manager told me I couldn't I just walk out anyhow, I have a problem with authority just a bit, lol. I work health care, and my job I can scoot out whenever I need to thankfully, but we always joke that they are going to get more productivity out of all of us by putting in catheters and diapering us! I could only wish!

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    Restricting fluid intake and not using the toilet for hours on end just isn't healthy. You should definitely ask your work to make arrangements so you can have a toilet-break every few hours. I expect that it's a legal requirement that your company makes suitable arrangements for this (and "suitable" probably doesn't include the use of nappies!).

    I can't imagine any situation where you would be completely unable to leave your desk. Surely someone else can cover for you for a few minutes, or you can pause what you were monitoring and resume and catch-up when you return...?

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    I CAN see it as an advantage...But, anywhere in the euro zone, states, most second world contries..will let people use the bathroom...

    I've had a couple times where it isn't possible, flying a single seat plane to France was one such job, ferry pilots that I know use all motors of alternate guy refills his water bottles...I didn't ask if he drinks again, and didn't want to know...but others wear...I've seen used ones in the pilot lounge bath waste bin...usually filling it full!

    But, even a friend that climbs towers, he just let's it that's what that mist was

    I've been plenty of places that would be nice, and have babysat monitors for long sessions...still could cover and use the can...

    Wow what would they think I'd you needed to take a dooker...Ouch!


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    OK, the point of the story wasn't to speculate on my work but to poke fun at my own lack of forethought on that occasion. OTOH I think I've given a misleading impression of why I might be padded while working, so here goes...

    I'm not going to state outright what I do because it's a small industry where we all know each other, i.e. going into detail would more or less identify me in real life. Think of it as an unglamorous field of technology where the working conditions and hours can be brutal. I might do 40 hours non-stop or 120 hours in a week, in a tent in the Sahara one day and a hotel in Tokyo the next. One has to take the rough with the smooth; the money is good, I'm my own boss and I get to travel the world.

    Of course I can take potty breaks. As others have mentioned it's a legal requirement in the workplace, plus in my department of one I make the rules anyhow. But, and it's a big but, taking myself out of the loop even for a minute or two can significantly reduce the standard to which I can perform my work. Conditions vary greatly; the nearest toilet could involve 20 minutes climbing or just walking round the corner, sometimes I'm alone and sometimes there are people milling all around. Bladder-management therefore varies from being a non-issue to a crucial strategic function. In theory I could hire a deputy; flying him halfway round the world just to stand in for five minutes might make it uneconomic to do so. I won't bore you by going through all the pros and cons of other possibilities.

    Suffice it to say that for a DL like myself, the advantages of dealing with urination challenges by wearing a nappy outweigh the drawbacks, making it a win-win solution. As a non-DL I would probably find it a chore and use alternative strategies as most of my colleagues surely do. Conversely, today, padding up would not have helped at all because I was within 3 seconds of a porta-loo all day long and there was very little pressure. Instead, today's nuisances were standing in the rain for 14 hours and not getting anything to eat.

    In answer to the comment about doing a poo, at work that would be a scenario where I would take a potty break and just live with the lack of continuity. Luckily, so far, I don't remember ever needing to do so.

    I hope I'm projecting a more favourable aspect to wearing nappies for practical purposes, as opposed to a necessity (e.g. for an IC person) or just for pleasure (e.g. for a pure DL). There are negatives for sure, yet I still think of my padding as an extra little help when under pressure and on the occasion described in my post I really missed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeezy View Post
    Suffice it to say that for a DL like myself, the advantages of dealing with urination challenges by wearing a nappy outweigh the drawbacks, making it a win-win solution. As a non-DL I would probably find it a chore and use alternative strategies as most of my colleagues surely do.
    I don't know. This semester at college I have 5 hours of back to back classes on opposite ends of a crowded building with 5 minutes between them in which to navigate through a human traffic jam. Even in that situation I've found diapers to be more annoying than beneficial.

    The amount of time I spend worrying about leaks, remembering to be careful opening my backpack so as not to expose the backup diaper I take with me, and actually trying to wet when sitting in class or walking down a crowded hallway ends up being significantly more than if I just took 2 minutes to run up a flight of stairs to the less crowded bathroom and go real quick.

    I did get some abena pullups though this week. I've not had a chance to try them out, but they might end up being the best of both worlds since I can use them if needed, yet they still leave me the option of ducking out to a restroom fast if I decide that's more expedient.

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