hi i remember some of you guys including my self have tried the Cuddlz All Over Printed Adult Nappy and was very disappointed with the tapes not stick very well and ripped off .a little while ago i was reading about some one who said they had made the tapes better so i decided to give them another try (becuse i really like they way they fit me) and made and order of 10 .i recived my order few weeks ago and have now been wearing 10 off them and its true the tapes are much better now i have been sleeping in them for 6 nights now and all off the 10 diapers i have been wearing the tape sticked just fine they havent even come just a little lose they also looked a little diffrent they are more white now then transparent so if you liked the diapers itself but not the tapes you might want to give them another try......just wanted to share this with you guys