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Thread: What are you getting other people for X-mas?

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    Dad: Wireless headphones so he can watch tv with out getting yelled at by my mom
    Mom: New hiking boots and eventually new pruner blades
    Sister: iTunes gift card and the Sex in the City movie on Blu-ray

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    My parents:

    My cat Whiskey KovalKat:
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    Mother: Some maps. (Don't ask)
    Father: A book (by Karl Pilkington)
    Sister: A Mighty Boosh calendar.
    Grandmother: A book about that Austrian Cellar guy.
    Grandfather: A book (can't remember which, went halves with my sister)

    Did Secret Santa with my friends, I gave: Cheap vodka, salvia and a pipe.

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    I don't usually get people stuff because I don't have alot of money but that will change next year when I have a job. However, I did get my best friend something

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    Oh, I forgot my cousin: A teddy thing that you can put into the microwave. (And then it keeps you warm in bed I think)

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    My Mom:
    - A wine glass set, Clothes, Gift Card for Walmart, Scratch Tickets, Perfume Set.

    My Brother:
    - Lots and lots of clothes, Gift Cards (Mall and West49), 2 Books, lots of Floam, mp3 player.

    My Moms Husband:
    - Dress Shirt, Scratch Tickets, Zippo

    My Grama and Grampa:
    - Got them Each a Tim Hortons Gift Card, and Scratch Tickets.

    My Cousin #1:
    - I got her a scrapbook kit, extra scrapbook papers, and 2 books.

    My Cousin #2:
    - A nice art set in a wooden box, and 2 books.

    My Cousin #3:
    - A toy vaccume that really sucks up dirt and shows it whirling around and stuff, and 2 books.

    My friend #1:
    - A Casey Cane calendar, because she's borderline obsessed.

    My friend #2:
    - A waffleknit shirt, because she's obsessed with that, but I think I'll give it to her after christmas so she can't say I can't give it to her, since we agreed on no presents.

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    In our family, we do secret Santas, because we have 7 people participating, not counting my parents. I drew my sister's boyfriend, and he wants an iTunes gift card, so Im gonna get him that today.

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    wow, i think pojo likes Amazon :P

    Dad, new golf bag
    Step dad, DVD set
    Mum, Jewelry
    Sister, DVD (kung fu panda :P)
    older sister, Jewelry (grandmother got her a ring, and i got the same kind but necklass )

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    mother : some candles from yankee candles

    sister: a lil soft jacket thing with fur on the hood

    boyfriend: a onesie, some shirts, footed pjs

    grandmother: some sugar free candy and a walmart giftcard

    grandfather: some candy

    father: m&ms

    Those are the only people I got gifts for so far, have to finish my shopping today >.<

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