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Thread: Got some tena ultma slip and abena abri form L4 adult diapers for collage

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    Default Got some tena ultma slip and abena abri form L4 adult diapers for collage

    Any ideas on what to do with them in collage community housing

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    How about a lockable box?

    Unless your roommate(s) are creeepy, intrusive and good a lock picking, that should do the trick...

    DO NOT go for suitcases with standard locks (TSA Approved crap... the TSA "master key" is easily available,... and every monkey with a toothpick can open them anyhow)....

    Hardware / Tool Box made from wood with a solid padlock?
    Military type surplus ammo-boxes, gear crates, etc....

    or if you've got some money to spare and want something COOL:Pelican*Products*1610*Case
    (the "no-Foam" version...).
    Add a good high security padlock:4 Keys Heavy Duty Closed Shackle High Security Solid Steel Lock Padlock 40mm | eBay

    That should keep your stuff safe & private....

    I've bought said case years ago to store some high tech equipment I wanted protected from humidity, dust, crashes.... and whilst expensive, it has outlasted most other cases...
    And the equipment inside is still nicely protected...
    Overall: great investment...

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    Just hide them in your closet or drawers. I'm in college now and ware quite often with having a roommate. Your roommates won't go through you stuff if they respect you. So just either hide them with your regular clothing or maybe in a small lock box and you will be fine. Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dm9000 View Post
    No roommates I have my own room
    Then what would be the exact problem you're looking to solve?

    if it's just an added measure for privacy: all my listed options still are valid enough.

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    First you might want to learn how to spell "college".

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbw View Post
    First you might want to learn how to spell "college".
    Sorry my friend is a dumbass

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    Being in college, I think that the easiest thing to do, especially in a dorm setting, is to keep them out of reach from peering eyes. I had a roommate and I just kept my diapers in a cloth crate above my closet, no questions were ever asked and there was never a problem! I would also recommend having a lot of plastic bags so you can put the dirty ones in when you are through, especially if it is a community bathroom. That way, people just see a bag in the trash, and no suspicion is raised as to who was wearing diapers.
    I am incontinent, but I was very shy about it when I lived in dorms, so I took a lot of precautions! really though, you should be fine, as long as you are confident and try to keep all of your diaper products sort of out of sight, I don't think that people would ever know!

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    TBH, if you had roommates, the guests the roommate invites in would be a bigger problem than the roommate. Random guests (and worse, tagalongs of guests) will snoop. Best way to deal with snoops is to hide stuff where it doesn't look like stuff is hidden.

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