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Thread: Big guy problem

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    Ok it goes something like this I am a fairly big guy 6'3" about 290. I wear diapers for management of Irritable Bowel especially when I am in public. My problem is I am finding it particularly difficult to find diapers that fit my frame. It is usually a challenge to get the tapes just right to keep the diaper secure and I am constantly in fear of the tapes coming loose. Anyone out their got any suggestions or advice?

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    Whilst I have no personal experience with this (I fit into mediums) I know that there are so called "bariatric diapers"...
    They are made for people who deal with obesity problems and have extended side wings and usually rise higher up...
    Maybe this is a solution?
    A quick googling reveals this for example: Bariatric Diapers - Extra Large Adult Diapers - Adult Diapers - Incontinence Supplies -

    But those are really big (60+ inches)....

    If that isn't an option (too large)...

    you might give pads for bowel ic a try.
    (I can't recall the brands / names)... but those are pads made especially to help with bowel ic.
    Now the pad is held in place by stretch-fabric underwear (don't just use regular underwear)...
    if placed correctly / worn the right way, pads work quite well.
    and as they lack the sticky tapes / side panels... no fitting issues.

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    or if you want highly absorbent diapers, order XL bambinos. I bought a sample pack once because i wanted to feel really small so I bought XL diapers, and they are quite big, i wore them and the tapes nearly went past eachother when taped up. What is your waist size? I've heard bariatric briefs arent very dependable..

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    With cloth diapers you just have to find more material to have a sufficient landing place for the pins.

    With disposable diapers use whatever tape (try duct tape) to keep the tension enough to keep the diapers in place.
    Disposable diapers are just trashed after use no worry about saving the fastenings.

    For larger sizes yet a custom application is in order using diapers that adequately cover the crotch area but no concern for the sides.
    For such a custom application similar to pull on diapers I take a rather snug pair of jockeys or compression shorts and place a disposable
    diaper centered in the crotch and simply pull up and on into place. No tapes to fasten or worry about holding in place.
    If you leak beyond the capacity of the one diaper consider small absorbent pads and also suggest wearing a plastic
    waterproof cover. Disposable tape on diapers are generally a great deal cheaper than the pull-on types.

    Hope this helps or gives you some ideas to work with for a work around to your size issue.

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    I run about a forty two waist not particularly obese but big enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganSasquatch View Post
    I run about a forty two waist not particularly obese but big enough.
    Alright... but with that, shouldn't you be able to fit in most L or XL diapers??

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganSasquatch View Post
    I run about a forty two waist not particularly obese but big enough.
    bambinos XL all the way. if you dont want the babyish design just get the Bianco's plain white diaper or the Secure X-plus.

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    I usually go with Biancos. I am thinking of ordering a case of Bellissimos next time out.

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    You could also order a pair of plastic pants or a diaper cover to go over the diaper. That way even if one of the tapes comes off, the diaper is still held closed by the plastic pants. Plastic pants would also help to contain any leaks. Similarly, you could wear a pair of underwear or boxer briefs over the diaper to hold the tapes closed. I have worn boxer briefs over my diapers in the past to help conceal them and keep them in place. Just make sure the diaper is not too compressed by the underwear so the diaper can expand when used.

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    Use ABU's SDK or Cushies with the single large tape per side. You'll never have another tape-popping problem again. In fact, they can be downright difficult to un-tape!

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