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Thread: "Hempers" diapers

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    Default "Hempers" diapers

    Anyone heard of thesehttp:// Adult Hempers

    Sorry, getting used to my tablet. But anyway, they seem to be a great price. However, the grammar is you trust them? I've always wanted tk try hemp, but if it, stripping my cloth diapers as we speak!

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    I googled the term and may have found the website you are referring too.. It looks suspicious. I would stick to a reputable merchant.

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    Here's a working link: Adult Cloth Diapers

    This has the look of a site that hasn't been updated in years. Further, the poor grammar and lack of ordering information don't inspire much confidence. There are plenty of good prefolds out there to choose from, so, like RouteLeader, I'd suggest looking elsewhere -- Baby Pants, Changing Times,, etc.

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