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    Hey Everyone,

    Apologies if this topic has been touched-on in the past; I did a quick search with not much luck.

    I'll be in Hong Kong in the next few weeks and I was wondering if someone can help me with advice on where to find adult diapers (mainly pull-up style) in Hong Kong.

    Are they sold in supermarkets? If so, what is the main supermarket chain in HK that would stock them? Also, is there a sort of 'GoodNites equivalent' that I would be able to find in HK?

    Thanks very much in advance!

    - DN92

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    Yes there's goodnites in hk, have to go to their supermarket. I think they have Carrefour there

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    Haven't been in HK for the past three years... but used to be there quite often before (work related).
    You can find various (mostly chinese) diapers in most supermarkets.
    Some are good, some are not that amazing... but at least it's easy to find.

    then there's:
    "Continental Supplies ltd." (a medical supply store).
    Maybe they have something...
    Blk. B, 13/F., Unison Ind. Bldg., 7 Sun Yip St., Chaiwan, Hong Kong

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    I used to live in Hong Kong (2002-2005) and found that most supermarkets stock a pretty good range of diapers. Pharmacies are abundant, and can have some very odd and exotic brands.

    When I was there, Goodnites were avaliable, and often similar items that were pull up style- usually imports from Japan, China or Malaysia.

    Have a great time in Hong Kong!
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    I have fond memories of getting my first Molicares in Hong Kong around 1999 right off the street. There were a huge amount of pharmacies and the like, especially on the Kowloon side. Have fun! It's a great city.

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