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    Default Dollar General Sleep pants

    Are these any good? Are they like the generic CVS/Kroger sleep pants or more like a "granny panties" style? There is a Dollar General near my college and I am considering going there and buying these. I would also like to know what is the best time to go (to avoid running into people, especially other students).

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    are you talking the adult diapers? i would have to say if you really are desperate to have any, go for them. they are really thin. if you do get them don't flood or you will leak everywhere. (i speak from experience)

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    Anybody tried these? They are the Dollar General "sleep pants" equivalent of Goodnites. If someone has tried these could tell me the characteristics of these that would be very helpful. I am considering buying these because they are <$10 and there is a DG near me.

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    There have been other threads about other DG products that were favorable. If I lived near one I would try it just so I would know, it's good to be familiar with the stores around you so you know what you can get. If these turn out to be a bad investment you won't have to spend any more time wondering about it and you can move on to finding something else that works

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    As soon as they open, or right before they close. And those diapers suck.

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