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Thread: Sweating issues with Tena pants plus

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    Default Sweating issues with Tena pants plus

    I currently wear the tena pants plus large and hot days (especially in summer) with sweating really noticable to other people especially from behind any recommendations.

    Sweating issues in hotter weather on sides and from behind areas to the point my pants are damp and noticeable.

    They are fine with cooler weather thou.

    (ps I live in Australia)

    Thank you

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    throw a disposable cold compress down there and that should help. keep in mind this may not be as uncomfortable as you might think considering the heat Australians have to deal with. is it like 120 degrees or even higher down there on average during the summer?

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    I have had issues with sweating as well, it's definitely one part of wearing diapers that is not fun at all! I like the idea of wearing a cold pack of some sort "down under" (so punny) I also try to only wear light color shorts during the summer, and always get baggier than normal shorts. Not only are these more comfortable, but they allow breathing room, which is super important. I also use a lot of powder to try and prevent rashes, but I also apply it around my diaper area (on the backs of my legs, etc) to try and avoid excess sweat. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
    If anyone else has any good ideas, I would also love to know!

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    Not tested as i don't wear too often, however a friend on the internet who is incon says baby anti monkey butt does wonders. Please don't ask lol i had to google the product name to find out what it was.

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