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    I am noticing that I am getting to be fat. I know its because I am not physically active so I am going to be doing some research to find some interesting sports slash work outs.

    Aside from that; my real question is do you think men who have a little belly fat attractive? Lets face it there are not enough men out there that have a six pack. I am probably never going to be able to achieve that much less maintain one.

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    depends on your description of belly fat. Having a small pouch (in my opinion) is always cute regardless of whether its a man or a woman, its not really something to kick up much dust about, but a big gut can sometimes be unattractive.. Of course this is just my opinion, im sure there are others who find it attractive, I just don't.

    And never say never... you should take advantage of your male body and metabolism that you CAN reach that point and faster than you think, all it takes is dedication and work. Men burn fat MUCH faster than women, and if you're dedicated enough you can have a 6 pack if you truly want it, or you can just become skinny and flat stomached just by doing cardio and squats every day :P and eating right. Nothing is impossible, especially not achieving a work-out goal. PLUS you are YOUNG, your metabolism is still pretty quick and can be enhanced by doing such simple things like drinking 16 ounces of cold water a day (increases metabolism by 30%) and walking without swinging your arms (increases metabolism by 12%) thats a whole 42%!!! the faster your metabolism that faster you burn fat as long as you do some form of activity and increase it every day slightly (to keep your body from plateauing), also, just by eating breakfast you also increase your metabolism... working out and getting in shape isn't hard, it just takes dedication and the desire to actually change to motivate you to eat healthy.. and when i say eat healthy i dont mean starving yourself, i just mean eating the right things for the right time of day.

    sorry... went off on a fitness tangent lol

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    The short answer? Confidence!

    It may sound stereotypical as usual, but it's simply that way. You simply have to be confident, there is not much else.

    Psychologically it's the endless mystery... A lot of women claim that they want a nice and caring man, but when you inspect the evidence, the only thing that will make those woman's heart go thump is the attitude of the macho, the egotistical and self-serving male. But why? It mostly comes down to the fact that those jerks are confident. They don't care if they have a belly or not. They are that way and they feel great! And they show it! Although too excessive over time probably.
    As a side note too: You will not know if it's a jerk or not. They don't tell you, or would you? ;) Although there are surely a lot that talk about their mistakes and it works too. Either way, being a Macho does not mean you're dumb.... Oh I have my flaws, as example I can't stand being consequent. - though they actually mean do what I want... Still most woman need a lot of time to figure this out.
    And still, confidence is very attractive, often. Otherwise it counts among the mainly male helper syndrome. But you need to be cute for that, in every way!

    But don't get me wrong now. Do not simply say, okay, my belly is great, I'll keep him! However, if that's what you want it's okay.
    Still I think it comes down to what you want. Be confident about that! So go for it, systematic. Question yourself what you want, but still learn to like yourself how you are. Certain things you cannot change. Your belly and muscles may not look exactly, nearly but not exactly, how you want them too probably. However, you are fine that way. And whatever you may try to do, and perhaps also fail to do in the end, that's not the end of the world. It's no need to feel sorry for yourself or to be ashamed - only giving up is a failure. And no matter what, like yourself how you are. That's simply my advice, nothing more and nothing less.

    Having a belly... if a person is really overweight s/he can start to lose it. And if it's only a "having a bit too much" problem, that will go away by itself with the right food - I'd probably keep an eye on it. A big NO-GO is simply not caring about yourself in my humble opinion. Being unkempt is a death sentence. Some can surely have a blemished skin, but if the hair looks the same, and the clothes too... yuck!

    Aside from that... phew... I don't care much about the stomach to be honest. Somehow a sixpack looks sexy, but also a bit strange. Still the lower muscles from the upper body tend to be pleasing to look at. On the other hand having no muscles to show off is also fine. Being boyish/girlish is still attractive, just in a cute way. Mind you, I'm bi-/pansexual, so perhaps my... taste is a bit mixed, since I don't care about the gender.

    That's it I guess, there are varieties of what someone might find attractive or not ultimately.

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    Well, I tend to do a lot of running, cycling etc, as I never pay attention to what I eat, and eat pretty much what I want. As a result, I don't have a six-pack. :P But, at 177cm and 59kg, I'm probably slightly underweight, and I'm definitely not fat. My advice is find some kind of exercise you like, and don't let it become a chore. I switch it up when I get bored, otherwise you'll stop. I tend to binge and purge with types of exercise; the trick is to purge on a different type to that you're binging on. My 20c.

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