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Thread: Footed Pajamas Act Like Onesies?

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    Question Footed Pajamas Act Like Onesies?

    Do footed pjs like onesies hold your diapers in place? I already have a onesie but am looking into getting footed pjs for night time.

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    Sleepers can help to hold your diaper in place to some extent depending on the size, fit and your body shape. However, most sleepers are designed to be slightly loose whereas onesies are usually more form fitting. A onesie will almost certainly offer better support for your diaper.

    One solution you might want to consider is getting a thin onesie to hold your diaper in place and wearing it under a sleeper. That way you get the best of both worlds!

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    Only if your footed pajamas are too small. They typically have quite a bit of room in them for comfort, so I wouldn't expect one that fits right to be much help holding a diaper in place.

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    I got a pattern on Etsy that includes something fairly similar to footed PJ's but they are buttoned down the legs and around the crotch. This makes diaper changes easier. There might be some on the ABDL market like these somewhere.

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    I wear my footies with my Dependeco AIO's all the time. My AIO stays in place with no problem.

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    Not much. My Pajama City footies are quite roomy and standing or walking do not help support a saggy diaper. While lounging and especially sleeping my footies do protect the tapes from catching on sheets or blankets keeping them from coming undone.

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