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Thread: Help! Macbook Air is showing screen of death.

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    Default Help! Macbook Air is showing screen of death.

    I know this is not a tech forum, but any help would be appreciated.

    I opened up my Macbook Air this morning, and it started up showing a flashing grey folder with a question mark. I have tried many online remedys to no avail. I tried a 'Command-R' reboot and tried every option under the OS recovery options but none of them worked. Anyone have this problem before? Can anyone help? Thank you!

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    I believe that means that no startup disk has been found. You've probably done this already, but make sure you try removing any peripherals before booting, including external mice, SD cards, etc.

    If you haven't already tried some of the things on this page, it may be helpful: Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup

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    Thanks guys, yes I took it to the Apple store and they told me the computer couldnt find the start up disk. So i'm off to London at the weekend to find a genius.. At the 'Genius Bar'..

    I wonder how much this will cost me.

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