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Thread: Trying the whole "double diaper" thing right now.

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    Default Trying the whole "double diaper" thing right now.

    I only had two diapers left, needed to get rid of them by tomorrow morning, so I am trying out the double diaper method overnight. It's 12:45 right now, probably going to stay diapered until I wake up around noon tomorrow. I don't wet in my sleep but I have a good two or three hours until I fall asleep.

    I poked holes in the diaper that is on my skin, down below my man parts where it should drain, and then some on the front in case things get wild down there.. We'll see how this goes! I love the thickness and the comfort so far, plus the extra crinkle is nice.

    Wearing Abena M4's by the way.. Not really a need to be double diapered, but hey, why not?

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    im currently wearing a double diaper right now too.

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    Secure Xplus and 2 Attends doublers here! I haven't doubled in a while, but do have some worn but not used dipes just for the purpose.

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    Ah the BULK !
    All that BULK between the legs - waddling as I walk along to where ever I am heading.
    And the crinkly noisy plastic diaper cover betraying my every movement.
    And still yet more fun with the short baby doll blouse exposing everything below !
    I am impressed - I am in ecstasy - I am like a deer caught in headlights !!!
    And the best part is the diaper cover is LOCKED on and until I find the keys I will be
    forced to us my very own porta potty - Now where did I leave those keys ?

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    Personally, I don't like the extra bulk between my legs. If I do want a bulky feeling, I just invest in a thicker diaper. But I don't like going through the trouble of having to poke holes all over the diaper just so I can use up two at the same time. I've said it before but diapers to me are like a glass of fine wine... You NEVER waste a good diaper, and life is just too short to deal with cheap diapers.

    - - - Updated - - -

    In fact, this saying is now becoming my signature lol.

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    what is double diapering? never heard of it before and i am obviously new to this.

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    Double diapering is when you use two diapers, and in order to make sure that both are used to full capacity, you poke holes in the one closest to your body, and put the other one over that. That way, everything is absorbed in the farther away diaper AND in the one closest to you! Some people like the feeling of a uber thick diaper, other's don't, it's definitely a preference!

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    I've found it to be mostly pointless in terms of capacity. Once the first layer is saturated, the next wetting tended to pool up and leak out the leg openings. Wearing a small underneath a medium had slightly better results, but then I feel like I'm wasting diapers. If I want extra bulk I can just stick a small towel or something in underneath the diaper.

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    I'm currently in 4 diapers. It feels nice and tight and the big bulge between my legs feels like someone is hugging me. I really like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by accepted View Post
    what is double diapering? never heard of it before and i am obviously new to this.
    If you do double diaper buy a wartenburg to poke holes in. So much more consistent than scissors or a knife.

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