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Thread: can't find tenas in my aera

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    Default can't find tenas in my aera

    hi all i went in searcher for tena diapers last night but could not find sny so i got assurance's y is it so had to find them

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    If you have a credit/debit card have you considered the internet? It's where I get 50% of mine.

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    well that would be nice to do but i live best door to my parends ad my mon takes care of my check book so she would see that

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    I would consider purchasing a prepaid debit card and manage that yourself. I'm assuming that you live in America? If you are trying to find Tena brand diapers on store shelves, you have a very slim chance of finding them. If you want to find something besides store brand acne protective underwear, you need to purchase online.

    Adult diapers take up a lot of store space and companies have to buy that space to sell at most big chains of stores.

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    You could use a prepaid card. With that, even your mother won't know what happened. Just buy it with groceries.

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