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Thread: Shopping Encounter at CVS

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    Default Shopping Encounter at CVS

    I was at CVS yesterday picking up some odds and ends after work.
    The gentleman in front of me in the cashier's line was purchasing some adult diapers. Whenever I have done this is emergency, ran out of diapers, situations, they usually don't say much, ask if I want a bag for them, and that is that.
    This cashier however, asked the man why he needed them! He kind of stuttered, thrown off guard a bit, and then calmly explained that he needed them because sometimes he dribbles after he goes to the bathroom, and he also half-jokingly said "you know, in my old age, the last thing I need to worry about is finding a bathroom when I have to go!" The cashier chuckled, and then said, "well, I'm 24 years old and sometimes I dribble too, it's a part of life!"

    This whole situation was really strange for me! I was standing there, knowing I could probably jump in and talk with them, but I didn't. It was awkward. But, it did give me some hope that maybe the topic of incontinence isn't as taboo, well at least not at our local CVS

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    The clerks at pharmacies are not supposed to engage in conversations about peoples health. It's that Hipaa thing. Even the pharmacists are supposed to keep things quiet when consulting. You were wise not to engage in the conversation as it may have made the customer feel more awkward. And the next time you go in the clerk will know the diapers are for you and that might get awkward for you as there may be others in line behind you listening in.

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    Yes, I agree. I thought it was an invasion of privacy, because clearly the man was uncomfortable. It a catch-22, I think the cashier was trying to be friendly and make it less awkward, and engage in conversation, but it was not appropriately placed. And a note to self: I won't be going there if I ever need diapers quick!

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    There is no invasion of privacy this situation. It was just the clerk talking to the person in store. Nothing more. Guy could not answer if he wanted.

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    I had a similar experience last week at a Rite-Aid. I picked up some cat litter, soda, and some depends. The cashier asked who all this was for... Before i could say "uh my grandpa" the lady behind me snapped at him and told him that he was rude and disrespectful and wanted his manager. I calmly said thank you and it wasn't a big deal for me. Cashier then appolgized to me, lol as i was leaving i told him i found them on isle 5, it looks like he could use one

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    Default You could look at it crassly:

    It is a outright fallacy to believe a cashier’s sole purpose in life is to ring up the total on the till and demand money with menaces. Cashiers are like burger flippers, their obligation to the customer is to be pleasant while doing their assigned manual task.

    You could expand on….you want fry’s with that…; they are obligated by the company they represent, to inform the customer of any news that may affect the purchase, ie, buy one and get the second half price, etc. It is to do with some crap about; 1/ The customer is valued. 2/ Customer is getting value for money. 3/ And on, and on, and on. This comes under, engaging with the customer.

    We could google (("customer service")) for a thorough understanding of this new phenomenon in the sales environment. I can happily inform you the “Official Secrets Act” does not apply here.

    Any confidentiality to a patient’s medical conditions starts and stops with trade professionals, ie, doctor or pharmacist, even then there are qualifiers upon that. That is a different subject entirely.
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    I think I would have said, "So I don't piss my pants. You know, then you'd have to clean up the floor after I left." Probably I'd say, none of your damn business. The guy was probably not to swift on how to deal with the public.

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    This isn't right at the same level, but I was at Wallgreens one day to by some baby powder and once I picked on out and went to the check out person the lady eorking the cash regester said "Baby powder?" in a voice that was like why do you need this. I just replied "yup" and I left, I felt rely awkward and I already have to buld up alot of nerve to by things like this!

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    Should have said it's for my baby brother. Better yet, "Yes, it works well for my jock itch."

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