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    First i want to start by saying im not really good at opening up,
    a little about me I'm a well versed Chef, I am married to a wonderful wife. I like Classic Cars, music and am a musician myself.

    Ive had infantile tendency's since I was a child, looking back- with the physical, mental and emotional abuse i received from bed-wetting its not difficult to pin point how the tendency's blossomed, growing up I was constantly teased and tormented for some reason or another- school age kids can be very cruel- Puberty wasn't easy either for me- Same old kids teasing and tormenting.
    Home life was difficult as well, my mother was the "bread" winner in the family while my step dad was a sever alcoholic which let to Violence, and a lot of Physical abuse to my mother and us kids.

    I have not sought counseling for my infantile tendency's and over the years have done a lot of "Binge purge" trying to come to terms with the want to be babied, diapered, nurtured at times that want becomes overpowering and encompasses my thoughts. I am at a true Acceptance phase of myself
    My wonderful wife is trying so very hard to also come to terms with it.

    Second- I am here to Reach out, not to develop cyber relationships to feed my tendency's or to seek sexual stimulation from members, thoughts, pics.
    By Reaching out I mean I need others to share my thoughts with and get feedback from, I feel so alone with all this as I have all my life. Not having like minded feedback has left me to my own thoughts and that in itself can be quite interesting as I am sure someone out their can agree.
    My Wife tries so very hard, but she doesn't have the same tendency's as I do and not the same as her, we do compromise to a degree but sometimes it doesn't work so well.

    Well that's me in a nutshell.

    I look forward to getting to know the community here.

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    Hi chronos51! Welcome t the community! This site is all about support - reaching out - and not for sexual pictures or stimulation, so you've come to the right place. Many of the things you talk about are common themes here and I have no doubt you will be making may friends here soon. You say you're a musician (another common theme here) - what instrument(s) do you play?

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    I play trumpet, some flute, clarinet, a bit of the sax a touch of the drums and am currently Teaching myself the guitar, im lacking some follow through on that though
    I put that what im not here for, so if my wife ever read the post it would Reassure her of my intentions. Have had way to many complications from internet sites and our relationship.

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    Wow! You play a lot of instruments? Are you in a band?

    Yes, the internet is full of temptations. I think we have all fell to them.

    Also, in case you didn't know, we have semi-private groups here for in depth discussions. We have one called foodies for food and recipes. Maybe you would like to add to the group? Foodies

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    No im not in a band i just enjoy music.
    The temptations of the internet hasn't really been an issue. My wife is a very insecure person and feels threatened very easily, ive even deleted my facebook account to help with the insecurity issues.

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